C3 glitch or silly mistake + Other issues

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  • Hi.

    I have a pretty strange problem, and it might be a C3 glitch. But I don't know. I don't wanna bother support about it if it's a silly mistake I made.

    The player is on level seven. Note that the player is positioned right by the end of the level for development purposes, because level 7 is kinda hard and I don't want to have to pass the level just to test.

    When the player enters the cave to finish the level, the level complete screen shows up. Then, you click "Next Level." It's supposed to go to level 8 (which is an exact clone of level 5 right now) but instead it just restarts level 7 and leaves the Level Complete layer there. Could someone please help?

    Also, you might notice that the music is weird. It's just a placeholder. I have another great-sounding music I made, although... it won't play. It will either play the first 5 notes or not play at all if I do that. Can someone help with that too?

    Two more things:

    1. I have no idea how to make my checkpoints. They are just pointless red flags right now. I don't think the green flag is in the project right now. If you need to you can use some other object to test what you try.

    2. I'm also having trouble making my screen resolution setting.

    I know it's kind of a lot but can someone please help me with these problems?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    -The Diaper Movie

  • You've phrased the questions like they are in reference to a file but you haven't shared one.

  • I have an idea on how to make a simple checkpoint, you would want the red flag and the green flag as one sprite, but as 2 different animations, if that makes sense, and when the player overlaps the red flag, it will go green. Your event will have a condition that will only activate it if the animation is red. This will stop the player from being able to go back to previous checkpoints. Then, create a global variable to check which checkpoint the player has reached. After coding this, you should remove all commands that kill the player, and replace them with commands to move the player to the checkpoints coordinates. Sorry if this was worded badly. You can probably get further information from certain videos on youtube or something.

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  • trying to help but I only see three levels (and you ref 7 and 8?) Did you dropbox the correct file?

  • Ooof! Forgot to update the stupid file! Ugh! on it! ANd thanks guys.

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  • Does it work?

  • Hello? Not trying to spam.

  • It's using the event sheet Level6Events which tells it to go to level 7 when you click next level, should be using Level7Events i guess.

  • Goodness, thank you! I feel so silly now that I missed something like that. Also, what about the music thing?

  • You'll have to share more info on the files you want to play. I see you trying to play one level music which is playing fine.

  • It's called Music1.webm. The one that works is a little bigger than Music1, so I have no idea why it won't play.

    Also... I'm sorry I haven't responded in so long.

    Try going to the event on Basic Level Events that says On start of layout (it's on the top, underneath the points variable) and switch the "Audio > Play > Music2" to "Audio > Play > Music1". Then play the game and see. For me it only played the first 5 notes.

    Thank you.

  • Test1 works on my side (Chrome, R155).

    However, I got some questions for you.

    E.g. what is the reason behind having these completely redundant objects and events?

    Luckily, this is not Multimedia Fusion so there is no need here ;)

    Also, instead of doing this:

    You can do this:

    and put this event in the basic event sheet. Then you can use the basic event sheet for every level.

    You have to create a "Game completed" layout though ;) (Or skip that)

  • 1. I'm using Firefox. Does that mean I'm going to have to use some other browser?

    2. If I didn't do that, then if two explosives were onscreen and you hit one, wouldn't both of them explode if they were instances of the same object?

    Also, thank you!

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