C3 glitch or silly mistake + Other issues

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  • to 1) Can you try with Chrome?

    to 2) No, since you pick precisely one with the collision event, namely the instance the player sprite collides with.

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  • 1. Actually, thanks but I put the music in the sounds folder and it worked. There's another problem though. When the player enters the cave it restarts the music rather than stopping it.

    2. If you hit an explosive, you will notice an explosion. That explosion is another object. Or maybe you're right, it's annoying because if I want extra explosives on a level, I may have to go in and add more of those silly events. Would it work to have the explosive and the explosion as one object and two animations?

    Thanks again.

  • to 1) Ok. Be reminded however that this has an impact on sound caching. Sound files in the the sound root folder will be downloaded and cached before the game starts. Sounds in the music folder are downloaded while the game is already running and played when ready. Maybe that was causing the issue.

    to 2) Totally, you can add another animation to the explosive box called "Explode" for example, then put the explosion frames there.

    Then you adjust your event accordingly:

    On player collides with explosive box -> Explosive Box: Change animation to "Explode".

    Then add another event:

    On explosive box animation "Explode" finished: Explosive Box: Destroy

    This should spare you a lot of tedious work.

  • Both 1 & 2: Thank you!

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