Thinking of restarting with C3 but have a few questions

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  • Nah, doesn't answer any of my questions ;) Reading first before replying wouldn't be harmful ;)

    - You literally asked zero questions in your initial post.

    - newt has done a great job of explaining.

    - There are some hang ups, especially in relation to developing for iOS.

    - It is super fun to use.

  • True, no questions with a question mark, but newt still saw the questions :)

    And yes, he has done a great job of explaining.

    Saw the Thread mit the GUI, wondering if anything has changed since the Thread. No documentation will help me there to find the comparison between C2 and C3 from a Users pov.

    I really only wanted to have a small opinion from former C2 users now using C3 if things that were a hassle in C2 now got better and if C3 now better holds its promises.

    (no question but still a cta ;))

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  • I would definitely give C3 a go. Since the IPad Pro isn't working out, you could get a cheap Chromebook to handle coding duties. I have a small to medium sized project and I originally started it in Unity. After a month I realized Unity was overkill and was adding a lot of unnecessary complexity to my project. So I restarted my project in C3 and have made ungodly amounts of progress. Definitely look into the AJAX and JSON objects and how to load array.json type files. Makes level creation much easier.

    Also, code for a few days, then spend a day reorganizing your code within Groups and put comments in. If you don't it can easily become a bit hard to manage.

    Just my two cents from having been down in the weeds with C3 on my game.

  • Thanks a lot for your opinion Chroma72. I'm into Unity myself, and like you say, Unity is a complex beast, even with all nice Plugins. The documentation is often a culprit and support sometimes good, sometimes nearly non-existent.

    That drove me to the wish to have some 'lighter' game development app, but without being a dead end like - imho- C2 was, without putting all the complexity into, needed for exporting to iOS or Android or making a decent GUI. If I'm ok with complexity I can (and will) stick to Unity for being a fine 3D Software. But for small ideas, 2D and ok with HTML5, I need something easy on my mind, and with a much smaller package size :)

    About the iPad Pro, another thing that annoys me about Scirra, how can they promote C3 being mobile development ready and even have a nice Video about it, when it's actually not. Trust is not build that way. Sincerity is not their strength unfortunately. That makes the decision not that easy, you know, cheat me once and so on...

    So I think I will give the free Version an amount of my time and see how it goes. Then I will decide if the upgrade is worth it to me.

  • I continue to post on here because I hope that it helps other people out.

    Today, not so much.

  • Smolli i suggest this plugin for the gui Part

    it definitely what you looking for to make your game perfect (i been using this plugin 3 month ago it really complete C3 and make the GUI more easy and fun to make)

    and For monetization this collection by Chadori is the best solution right now

  • Thanks for the links, will have a look at them. The second one is quite a beast of tools and also quite expensive. But there's a lot of work put into it.

  • I only have good things to say about Scirra so far. C2 was probably lacking and they realized that, hence C3. Which IMO is a great small to medium sized game creation tool for mobile and web, and it fits my needs really well so far. I haven't hit any walls with not being able to implement a feature or idea yet (but empty objects would be cool..hint hint!). I did find an issue with the tween scaling and filed a bug report and they fixed it surprisingly fast (kudos to you Diego!)

    I did finally watch a video of the latest release and quickly realized Ashley is a guy lol. All this time I thought he was a she (not that it matters!). But funny nonetheless.

    Anywho, I plan on using C3 for several projects! <3

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