Thinking of restarting with C3 but have a few questions

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  • Hi, having used Construct 2 before and stopped using it after I realized that converting to Mobile was not at all that easy as advertised or at all possible, I would like to have a second look at C3 now and if things got easier and working.

    First thing I noticed after having started C3 Free on my iPad pro was that no example had touch enabled (albeit promoting strongly in a blog post that it should always be built in). So, starting the example yes, using it, as no touch was enabled. Scrolling through the examples didn't work either.

    So my first impression was not the best, more like before, promoting much, but not without much extra hassle.

    But maybe this new first impression is wrong and things have changed and this just the case of not having updated their examples to the new self-indulged standard.

    I would be thankful for any information about the 'new' C3 and its usability for advertised platforms and it's ease of use without mandatory extra plugins.

  • Not really sure what you're asking but yeah go get C3

  • Nah, doesn't answer any of my questions ;) Reading first before replying wouldn't be harmful ;)

  • Okay good luck

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  • You can develop for iPad Pro, but not on it. The mobile version needs some love, but that will have to be much later. The two main reasons are Safari sucks, and at the time mobile just wasn't that great for workflow.

  • You can develop for iPad Pro, but not on it. The mobile version needs some love, but that will have to be much later. The two main reasons are Safari sucks, and at the time mobile just wasn't that great for workflow.

    Ah, so the mobile version is meant to test games, maybe some smaller edits and run (if touch has been implemented that is). I saw the Video from Scirra and it seemed as if it was a full working working version. But then why do they advertise it as such? This is not good.

    And what about exporting to different platforms? Can I have an .exe for windows, a .dmg for Mac, .apk for Android and an iOS-App for the App-Store? Is this working without head-banging now?

    Sorry of being so cautious....

  • Sorry I should have said all mobile browsers suck.

    The best setup will be on desktop, testing/preview via Chrome, or Edge.

    Then occasionally creating a debug apk you can sideload. This generally when you get to the monetization part.

    The editor can handle all exports. All exports are html5 based. All exports other than html5 are wrappers. All wrappers should be on par with native speeds.

    Yes there can be an exe, dmg, and apk with caveats. Those being the options for the distribution method rather than the platform.

  • So what is the mobile version of C3 used for? Totally useless? I had hopes on being able to tweak stuff on my iPad Pro sitting on my sofa :)

    What do you mean with caveats? Serious ones or just a few things to consider but nevertheless much better compared to C2? Could you describe a bit more?

  • You can do some work on it, but yeah its better for away from desk tweaks.

    As to the caveats, there are extra steps depending on the deployment method.

    Steam, IOS, Android all require some tinkering, far less than when using C2.

    You would want a C3 subscription even if you were to develop with C2 as it exports C2 projects. In other words the price of the subscription is worth it just to avoid the headaches of dealing with third party export methods in C2.

  • Is there some way of remote view on iOS for testing at full speed? Or is this done through the editor? Is the final app creation done with Xcode or does Scirra have some kind of server that compiles the app without needing a dedicated Mac ?

  • The easiest way to test on devices is via "Remote Preview", but its over the devices browser.

    Afaik you will still need an Apple device to export to IOS.

    I don't get into IOS, that market seems less and less relevant.

  • Ok, what about the GUI topic, has there been any evolution in the last two or so years?

    I really don't want to get into JS, if I want to code, I can stick with Unity and c#. C3 should be ... just fun to use and should offer everything needed ... as advertised ;)

  • Hierarchies, or Scene Graph solves many issues just short of prebuilds or prefabs.

    Everything needed is there, you just put it together the hard way.

    You don't need Js. You do need a good working knowledge of C3, same as you would for a game.

  • So is this something newly added to C3 since this last thread I linked?

  • Why don't you yourself see the documentation and the website ?

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