Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • baks - Thanks for the example project.

    I will add something to the next build to let the user choose which blending mode to use (if I choose alpha blend it looks the way you want it to, but there are other issues with that blending mode in other projects). It could be a little while, because I'm halfway through adding the reimport functionality, and I'd like to wrap that up rather than rollback temporarily for this fix.

    Perfect, thanks, it is a little weird because I have a bigger project that I was transferring from c2 to 3, and all the events that refer to the Spriter object aren't working,

  • lucid Thank you very much for all your efforts in support and making the runtime more efficient!

    Is it possible you could also add in the ability to turn on or off the collisions and visibility of boxes (Spriter object)? Because, it seems that Spriter is overriding the ability to set the collision and visibility properties of individual parts.

    I need this to show/hide and enable/disable the collision parts of my Spriter object.

    I'm using hybrid mode, self draw for graphics but with the standard spriter parts for collision boxes.

    Thank you!

  • Hi everybody, i've recently imported my huge, some years old project from c2 to c3. Everything is OK, except for the animations made with Spriter (updated with the last addon).

    _ In some animations the characters became invisible and than magically reappear (in c3 runtime)

    _ When i try to update and reimport the spriter file with the correct new instuctions, with the compressed.zip for c3, it creates a second clone for each images parts and for the main scml file (Player,Player2 enemy,enemy2 ecc,). I use separate image parts, not sprite sheets, because i need separate fx for all sections, and I can't substitute all events each time because are hundreds and hundreds. In c2 the update/reimport was perfect.

    Hope someone can help me with this, Thanks in advance :D

  • 10-22-2020

    This release is in beta since there are multiple new features, and reimporting specifically is a fairly involved feature. This release relies on new C3 features and will only work with C3 version R221 and above.


    • Added ability to reimport projects, keeping events for objects that still exist
    • Added condition : Compare Second Animation ( thanks


    • Added action : Stop/Resume Setting Sprite and Box Collisions
    • Added action : Stop/Resume Setting Sprite and Box Visibility
    • Added property : blend mode - choose between no premultiplied alpha blend (the usual default), and using whatever is set under the effects blend mode property - using normal blend under the effects mode might solve some rendering issues for some projects. Otherwise, use the default if you're not trying to add a special blend mode.
  • Thank you for the awesome release!

  • Hi lucid,

    It seems I cannot load the new version in Construct 3 (r221), due to this error:

    Could you check it out?

    Thank you.

  • - whoops. I got that just before release and I fixed it. I guess I forgot to repackage it afterward. Please try it now.

  • Thanks! It works now.

  • lucid

    How do I place a C3 object in between 2 Spriter object.

    Suppose A box is created in Spriter with 2 images front and back. Now in C3 I want to place object between both images. I tried to use move to object action but not happening.

  • Hi lucid,

    I recently tried to minify the scripts of my project while exporting and I can't manage to find a way to do it, be it with a simple or advanced minifying. Is it possible that this function is not available as long as we use the Spriter plugin?

    I made tests in a blank project with just an import from Spriter. I did it with the latest beta and the stable version of both C3 and the Spriter plugin on both the C3 desktop and browser versions.

    I must admit I'm at loss. I read the whole thread and didn't see any information regarding this matter.

    Thanks a lot for your future answer.

  • Hey, thanks lucid for this new version, now the import in c3 is perfect. In my project remains this problem of these animations (only in 2 for 84 animations of the main Player) where all parts of the spriter character disappear and than reappear. It's not related to the events, because in c2 runtime there isn't this problem. Does anyone have any idea of the possible causes of this? Any help would be really appreciated, thanks! : )

  • vurzu I am also facing this issue from long time but I was unable to explain this issue. I also trying to recreate this issue. I'll updated this post when I found the reason

    update: I removed all events from the project where was this issue except only one event.

    Mouse button over "SpriterFamily" then Resume Animation.

    I also tried to recreate this in new project but its not happening in new projects. It only happening in old project.

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  • One more old project doing same issue but when I deleted all events then its different that previously project. in this project I just did resume Animation and when animation finished it just disappear.

  • lucid

    How do I place a C3 object in between 2 Spriter object.

    luckyrawatlucky to do that, use the "stop setting layers for sprites" action. I will try to remember to rename that for next build, because it also stops setting the z-order. Unfortunately that also stops the plugin from setting any z-order for any of the sprites, but it's necessary to allow you to insert objects between.

    luckyrawatlucky vurzu - if you can send me a basic project that recreates the issue, I can take a look.

    Telecs - correct. minified scripts cause issues with the Spriter plugin. It's been years since we discovered this, so I don't remember what specifically what caused the issue.

  • I send you file which has this issue

    please note lucid: There is no issue if you use 7-30-2019 version of spriter

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