Spriter C3 Addon (8-16-2021 Bug fixes)

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  • 9-8-2020

    • fixed a bug where restarting a layout could sometimes stop with an error sometimes when fetching the pre-loaded animations
    • fixed a bug where 'ignore layout time scale' wasn't having any effect
  • Hi lucid, it seems the latest versions returns the error GetWallTime is null, so I'm stuck to using 7-28-2020.

    Any advise what to do? Thanks.

  • does this happen just by using the plugin at all? or is there a specific action that causes it?

  • Hi lucid. Thank you for your response.

    It seems from using the plugin only. But, I think I should make a formal bug report instead, if I can, to make it easier on your end.

  • Is the add-on in a stable enough state to include in a production game right now?

  • Yes, it is, click here to download the addon. (9-8-2020)

    You can try other versions if you do get issues. I personally use 7-28-2020, since this is the version that works for me, at the moment.

  • When I try to install the 9-8-2020 stable version it instead installs 5-10-2020b. 7-28-2020 installs as it should.

  • Farlander - between this and the Construct 2 version, it's been or is being used used in multiple production games. Please report any bugs to this thread.

    gtea - Not sure how that happened, but I did need to reinstall Windows recently - I must have pulled the wrong build somehow when I restored.

    In any case, please test with this latest version, and see if things are working for you. I made a basic project that successfully loaded an animated character , so if that doesn't work for you, please send over the project and let me know what Construct 3 version you're using.


    • Fixed mistakenly reverted changes
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  • Hi,

    Thank you, the new version works now!

    Also, is it alright if I make a pull request for a minor addition.

    I added the condition Compare Second Animation, to allow us to avoid the expression counterpart, therefore avoiding the use of For each, since this improves performance significantly on mobile devices.

    If it's alright, here's the fork: 10-02-2020. Thank you.

  • Hi lucid, I have a few questions, if that's alright.

    I have a 6 big spriter objects with each its own single instance. Each .scon is 2mb each, and I'm experiencing a huge CPU usage, slow performance in mobile from just running the SCML objects. Does reducing the size of the .scon file, like reducing each animation duration, improve performance? Or perhaps decreasing animation count?

    This is because nearly every tick I'm changing the blending scale (blended animation), and every few seconds in a timer, I change the animation.

    Also, do boxes and points also affect performance significantly like bones? Thanks.

    Any advise? Thank you.

  • thanks for the code suggestion, I will look into adding it into the next release. If you can send me a simple example of slow running project in c3 (including whatever blending is needed for the problem to arise), I can try running it through the profiler and seeing where the issue is.

  • Just a quick progress update for everyone. Been in contact with Ashley about getting some stuff into the plugin sdk. It won't be ready for a short while, as I had a couple of additional requests, but in the next build z-order will be using officially supported sdk methods, which should be more efficient, and will also make it so z-order actions won't break between builds.

    And more importantly, we will have automatic reimporting! It's almost completely working, but I had a couple of additional sdk requests I'm hoping he'll be able to fulfill. If all goes well, reimporting will just be a matter of dropping in a zip file with the same name as the originally imported Spriter project. It will handle everything automatically, keeping your current events intact. The only manual step will be to delete the extra On Initialized event. Ashley informed me the data structure for events is too complex to expose through the sdk, and even if that weren't the case, it would be tricky to automatically remove since I've seen many projects that tweak or add onto the automatically generated events.

  • Thank you for the good news. Looking forward to it!

  • lucid Hey! I'm having a strange bug, when I import my Spriter character to construct 3 it has like an outline in the body parts, in Construct 2 this doesn't happen



    Here you have the c3p

  • baks - Thanks for the example project.

    I will add something to the next build to let the user choose which blending mode to use (if I choose alpha blend it looks the way you want it to, but there are other issues with that blending mode in other projects). It could be a little while, because I'm halfway through adding the reimport functionality, and I'd like to wrap that up rather than rollback temporarily for this fix.

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