Severe issues with ios 15

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  • I've had some C3 games on my apple devices for very long time. Iphone 11 and Ipad air2.

    Now when I got, and installed, the ios 15 (and ios 15.0.1) then I experienced severe issues on my games.

    Note that this is for the already installed games, which was exported very long time ago.

    First when I opened the game I experienced very long loading time when opened, then all audio was gone in the game.

    Next time I started the game was the same, but now also all graphics was changed into black squares. So all grapchics was currupt, and all audio was gone.

    Now after some hard reboots of the device I get the game up and running, but when I show an ad, the game audio continue to play in the background, making the sound to be totally off. For me this indicates that the game activity continues to run even when a Admob-activity is shown above (its an interstitial), this should not happen, the game (and audio) should be paused during this. Thats how it worked below ios 15.

    I've discussed this with some other C3 developers the past days and also some other experience some really odd issues.

    Please feel free to describe if you experience any issues.

    I guess this is some weird bugs with webkit or something(?)

  • Agreed. The problem was specifically the same as Fred have. I'm using Iphone 8, and my games last built was at last May. Its all happened with ios 15.

    Not sure if it can be fixed by compiling it again with newer Xcode but with the same Cordova structure that C3 have :/

  • Hi,

    What about current exports? Do they work fine on iOS or there are issues with it?

    Thanks 👍

  • Hi,

    What about current exports? Do they work fine on iOS or there are issues with it?

    Thanks 👍

    There are updates of xcode all the time so maybe new builds work differently, but there has not been any new version of Cordova-ios since 6.2.0 which came out February 2021.

  • Can confirm audio from game is playing over ads on ios 15.0.1.

    Massive issue!

  • I am facing the same problem, output HTML running on iOS 15 MKWebview, part of the audio is missing, and the image cannot be rendered normally

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  • It's still happening on ios 15.0.2

  • It's still happening on ios 15.0.2

    Same here, the project pack of mine is less than 15M and compressed the images size as low as possible, it still get crashed after some interaction. I believe this is a problem with ISO MK webview, I complained about this on the iOS developer website, those shXt didn`t have any response yet. Cheers!

  • Can anyone post if there is any breakthrough? do we have to report Apple about this? And if yes, how?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • I can also confirm that with the new iPhone iOS 15 update, it breaks the audio and graphics in various ways. Sometimes they work, but often they don't. Looks like Construct 3 needs to update its export process (at least for xCode/ios) to match the latest iOS 15 APIs, etc.

    Is this something that will get fixed soon?

  • Same issue here. Audio sometimes doesn't play at all and sometimes a sprite in my game flashes visible/not visible (appearing and not appearing multiple times per scond). On iOS 15 + iOS 15.1 on iPhone 12 Mini.

    Tried multiple graphics settings in Construct 3, reimporting audio, different Construct 3 versions.

    It works great in iOS 14.8, but not iOS 15+.

  • If your game works on iOS 14 but does not work on iOS 15, it is a strong sign that Apple have broken something in iOS, and that Apple will need to fix it. If Construct was broken, it would not have worked on iOS 14 either, so that suggests Construct's code is correct and Apple have broken something in iOS 15. I do not believe there are any intentional changes in iOS 15 that we need to correct for either. You may find it quickest to report such issues directly to Apple, as if the problem is iOS, all we can do if you report it to us is to file another report with Apple. If despite this you still think there is a problem with Construct, you will need to file an issue following all the guidelines, as it's impossible to investigate problems without that information.

  • Apple probably didn't "break" anything in their code; it just sounds like they updated their codebase (e.g. changing APIs, deprecating older approaches, improving various things, etc) to be more efficient and effective. This is a pretty common thing with codebases, including Construct (e.g., moving from Construct 2 to Construct 3).

    I think what we are all asking is if the Construct 3 team is doing anything to align with the new iOS 15 coding standards? It may not necessarily be a big thing, might just be a few updates to get it aligned?

  • No, there are no new coding standards in iOS 15. Apple broke iOS. They do it all the time - unfortunately their software quality is not what you'd expect from such a large company.

  • Literally stripped one of my games to barebones, audio, fonts, events and the thing just won't play level 1. Really not impressed with trying to export to iOS, android, nice and simple, everything works as it should. iOS however oh my!

    All crashes seem to be down to font and/or audio, yet without using any fonts or audio, the crashes still occur.

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