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  • Hi guys

    I'm working on a pause menu, and having a small issue.

    I can easily pause the game and show some icons for sound control and resuming the game.

    I'm however having an issue with the resuming part.

    I'm using a 'Paused' Boolean to test whether the game is in a paused / up-paused state, but if I have any interactive buttons/objects directly under the resume button, it gets automatically activated along with the resume button.

    When I touch resume I make 'Paused' = false and hide the pause layer, yet any buttons directly under the resume button (on the game layer) are also activated.

    To counteract this, I'm adding a small pause (0.0001) after hiding the Pause layer, before making Pause = false. This stops the buttons beneath the resume button being activated.

    This works fine, but feels very 'hackish', and I'm wondering whether the is a proper/better way to do this.

    Thank you in advance!

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  • I think that's generally fine, I did it the same way. If it works, it works.

  • Hi WackyToaster

    Thank you for your reply :)

    Still seems a little hackish to me, so it would be great to hear from devs who might have a better way to handle this.

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