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  • Hi all!

    Let's say I have multiple levels in my game. I have one event sheet that controls the basic code for every level (controls, AI, etc) called Game-Events. I also have level specific events that I have in a separate sheet (eg special enemies) that is called Level-x-Events

    Which is better, assigning the Game-Events sheet to the layout, and then including the Level-x-Events, or assigning the Level-x-Events and including the Game-Events?

    Is there a difference in performance?

    Thank you!

  • assigning the Level-x-Events and including the Game-Events

    This one.

    You don't want level2-specific events in your level1, which will happen if you include all level-x-events into the Game-Events sheet.

  • Remember that you can also deactivate groups you don't need. So you could have an eventsheet with all enemies in groups and say "ok this is level X and I need these 5 enemy groups active"

    I prefer having all enemies on one eventsheet so I never have to search much around. Either way will work though.

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  • QQ:

    What would "Game Events" Usually cover that Level x Events have?

    Are these the main player's controls? Hoping for someone to explain this. Thanks!

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