Open Source Scores and Achievements API for HTML5 games and MyArcadePlugin

  • Hi all,

    my name is Daniel. I am head behind MyArcadePlugin (WordPress Arcade Plugin). We have released a simple-to-use scores and achievements API for HTML5 / JS games. It allows you to send scores, medals, achievements to sites that use MyArcadePlugin.

    This will allow game publishers to create leaderboards, run tournaments and save scores on their sites. The API will also work with any game distributor. So you are safe to submit games to distributors like Gamepix, Famobi, GameDistribution...

    If the game publisher don't use MyArcadePlugin the game will still work as usual. The API checks before score submition if the site uses MyArcadePlugin and if so, scores will be submitted.

    We have released the API on GitHub and you are free to use it. It will help you to grow your audience and to make your games more attractive.

    Scores and Achievements API for HTML5 games and MyArcadePlugin: MyArcadeScoresBridge on Github.

    Let me know if you have any question or if you need support on integrating the API into your game. :)

    Best regards,


    CEO of MyArcadePlugin

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