new functions can't "see" booleans! They're not in the dropdown list. (or is it just me?) FIXED!!!!!

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  • It was just me!!! I get caught out by this often - setting booleans have a different action to number and strings - bloody confusing - wish there was just "TRUE" and "FALSE" option in the compare value...

    I've filed a bug but was wondering if anyone else has found this glaring oversight...

    1. create a variable of type boolean.

    2. create a new style function.

    3. now in the function add an action: "System - Set Value"

    You should be able to find your boolean - but you can't.

    If you edit your variable and change it to a number, the function can now find it! (as expected)

    So basically I think bools have not been added to function... jeez.. more thorough in house testing required!! Rather than adding new features!

    To me it also illustrates how people don't really us booleans.. You'd of thought it would have been reported by now... hey, maybe it has...


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  • It's in a different place, 'Set Boolean' not 'Set Value'.

  • Because the action is set boolean. Set value is for number/string variables. Happens to me too sometimes if I don't pay attention and end up wondering where my variable is.

  • OH BLIMEY!!!!!

    Thank you. That catches me out all the time!!!!!!!!!

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