[MULTIPLAYER] Supposed bug with multiplayer rooms

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    My players can join a room, it's working fine. I did that if a PEER or HOST disconnects then everyone is disconnected from the room and signaling server and they quit the game layout. However, when a player tries to return to the game layout, the room no longer seems to be accessible (the first player to reconnect to the room does not become the host).

    My question is how to deal with this situation. Can we reset a room? Or do we have to recreate a new one for each game if player didn't quit all the game?

    Thank you for your help


    You should be able to reuse a room name if the host leaves.

    You should be able to reuse a room name if the host leaves.

    But it's doesn't work because host leaves the room but not the game...

    It is surprising. From the moment the host leaves the room, and the signalling server is notified of it, the room should be accessible again.

    Either there is a bug that wasn't revealed in several years of usage of the signalling server, either you possibly aren't handling host's disconnecting as efficiently as you think you are ?

    Consider providing your project to allow investigation on how you are doing things and what may be going on.

    If you run in to a bug or issue in Construct 3, please post it to the GitHub issue tracker here:


    It seems to be related to the fact that HOST and PEER leave the room but not the game (They change of layout). So when the player join the same room again maybe their ID or else is not "reset" when he has left before ?

    I cannot share my project actually but maybe you can reproduce this bug if you do that : Add a button to go on a new layout (and disconnect everybody) from the chat layout (from the chat tutorial example) and on this new layout send again people (with "go to layout") to the layout which you must enter your name before the chat room. And now try to join again. It will bug I think.

    The documentation is the manual - construct.net/en/make-games/manuals/construct-3

    For the Multiplayer plugin : construct.net/en/make-games/manuals/construct-3/plugin-reference/multiplayer

    Also in the topic you mention you can read from Ashley :

    "If you set it to 2 then at most one peer can join, since with them and the host it's 2 peers, and subsequent peers trying to join will receive an error saying the room is full."

    It's not the same problem... I deleted my post yesterday because i put the wrong message in the wrong topic... I deleted my message again. This problem is not solved

    Layouts and rooms are two completely different concepts.

    Leaving a layout does not mean you leave the room.

    You can stay connected to multiplayer signalling rooms while changing layouts per client. Sync just doesn't work when you're on a different layout than the host.

    Kyatric I managed to reproduce the bug with the example of multiplayer chat. Just log in and then click on the button and then try to log in again from the login page


    Please post a proper bug report to the GitHub issue tracker here:


    You can provide your chat example project as reproduction project.

    Sorry for bringing up an old topic, but this is exactly my problem as well. Here is a topic I created that has a link to my project: https://www.construct.net/en/forum/construct-3/how-do-i-8/leaving-rooms-multiplayer-152291?kws=multiplayer

    Here is also a screenshot of some things I changed, even though it doesn't work, it might help.

    Also, if you have time the wave system is broken (It talks more about that in the link). I did notice if I made it so there was one or more of all four types of slimes, even the broken waves would work. The waves would stop working if there was not all four types of slimes left to create.


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    Please post a proper bug report to the GitHub issue tracker here:


    For your wave issue, post a dedicated topic.

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    I posted on your bug report with a link to a bug report I made recently that I thought might be related to your bug.

    Here is my recent post about this "joining room sometimes causes messages to fail" bug when using the Multiplayer plugin.


    And the bug report itself:


    I also provide a video in my bug report demonstrating this issue.

    If this is unrelated, I apologise, but I got stuck with my issue and Ashley could not reproduce, so I had moved on and made a temporary workaround in my project for now.

    Ashley you closed my bug report because:

    The attached project has over 200 events. I'm afraid such projects are almost impossible to debug and it's difficult to rule out that you've just made a mistake, which is very common. Please see the bug report guidelines.

    People have recently filed a few similar-sounding issues that were also mistakes in their events: when leaving a room you must both disconnect from the host, and leave the room on the signalling server. You must also wait for both to complete before attempting rejoining again. Otherwise you attempt to rejoin while you're still connected to the room one way or another. Without a minimal project, I would assume this is the same mistake made in your project.

    Here is a link to a modified chat room example that showcases the bug. It is very similar to the file I put in the report; the instructions are basically the same and the same thing happens. Do you want me to file another report? dropbox.com/s/tdbdptwi9szdnzc/Multiplayer%20room%20leaving%20bug.c3p

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