Broken Multiplayer Wave System

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  • Hello, I'm still working on my *Simple* multiplayer game: Wardens. It is mostly complete, but there is an issue with the wave system.

    For some reason, some waves work while others do not. It seems like waves 6-16 do not work, while the others do. I have not idea why this is. All the code for the waves are under the 'host' group.

    I did notice if I made it so there was one or more of all four types of slimes, even the broken waves would work. The waves would stop working if there was not all four types of slimes left to create.

    Here is the link


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  • FIXED!

    The wave system is fixed. The problem was that there was only code if there was only one type of enemy left to be spawned and no other types unless there were all four types. Anyway, the game is in it's testing stage. I am aware that there are lag problems for the peers, especially with the enemies and particles. If you could see if there was anyway to fix those, I would be very appreciative. Feel free to test the game and post bugs in this thread.

    Here is the link

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