Can I monetize an android game with "Instant game" plugin ?

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  • Hi

    I'm planning to monetize my game with Facebook Ads. I can see fb ad options on Instant Games plugin. But does this work only for games hosted on Facebook Instant games platform ? Or can I use this plugin to monetize android games ?

    I tried to load and show an ad. It did not work.

    I also tried to get some outputs for a text object on "on load error" "on show error". but looks like it did not trigger. Any help ?

  • The Instant Games plugin only works on the Facebook Instant Games platform.

  • Is there any otherway I can use Facebook Audience Network to monetize my my android app ? Could not find a way 🙁

  • You can select and get Facebook ads, via the Google Admob system. But it is always mandatory to also use Google ads of course..

    But I do not think it exists any plugin for Facebook ad system directly for C3

  • You mean Admob mediation ?

    But Admob Ads and Admob meditation works in different ways right ? Like, for meditation they use a mediated sdk or something ? Does it work with this Admob plug in ?

  • I also tried to export the project as an Android Studio project and implement fb ads from Android studio. it was such a pain. I'm not good with coding. I'm not even sure if it is possible to put interstitial ads in this way.

    Any help woud be appreciated 😐

  • I don't know what you refer to right no. :)

    I just know that if you use the standard Admob Plugin in C3, you can select to get ads also from Facebook network in the Google admob console when you create your stuff there.

    But that was just a tip.

    I know that is not the standard FAN setup. I do not think there is any FAN plugin to use.. not even paid plugins.

    You think you get higher cpm from Facebook than Google?

  • Have you tried using other ad networks via admob ? does it work ?

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  • For Interstitial ads I had higher epcm with facebook audience network than admob.

    epcm is not the problem here, admob terminated 2 of my accounts for invalid clicks without giving a single warning or a proper reason. Ever since then I'm using Fb ads.

    I have an investor so I'm planning to promote my game. I can create a whole new admob account to monetize this game, but if my account gets terminated again, all the money I spent for promotion would be a waste. Also, admob suddenly drop their fill rates for newer accounts, sometimes it takes weeks-months to get back the fill rate. This is also a concern.

  • You would still have to manually integrate any Ads SDK that you'd want to use with AdMob mediation to your game?

    Choosing your mediation networks

    Google mediation supports over 30 third-party ad networks. Integrating mediation requires changes in these places:

    1. Third-party ad network UI - Sign up for the third-party ad network and create a placement in their front end.

    2. AdMob UI - Update your ad unit's mediation settings to include the ad network. It is also recommended that you set up ad network optimization for ad networks that support it.

    3. App code - Update your app to include the third-party ad network's SDK, and an adapter library that communicates between Google and the third-party ad network to request and serve ads.

    This plugin has support for more ad networks:

    You could also try Enhance, they support a lot of ad networks, altough it seems that the C3 runtime is not supported yet

  • in the console you can tick which networks you want to use in AdMob. but yes, you will not use any other sdk, averything will be via admob.

  • boybacteria Well I guess I gotta go with mobile master monetization then.

    I also tried but I saw somewhere that they no more give updates for enhanced c3 plugin. Old enhanced c3 plugin does not work with currnent c3 version.

    Thank you anyway!

  • in the console you can tick which networks you want to use in AdMob. but yes, you will not use any other sdk, averything will be via admob.


    Ok, do you mean that AdMob will then will show ads from the other networks that you've ticked in the dashboard, without integrating any additional SDKs?

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