Mobile Adverts plugin changes for r254

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  • In old versions of my game the ads are working normally, but I'm trying to create a new version using the updated plugin and no ads are displayed on the Android device, no interstitials, no banners... none! My game is restricted to South America, does anyone know why this is happening?

    Yes, read our above comments. The plugin is validating an old "personalization" condition, otherwise no ads are served. Hopefully Diego will fix this in the next beta release.

    You can try to run your app in Android Studio and you will see the exact reasons for your issue.

  • DiegoM The last beta did not adress the problems with the consent message, incorrect consent statuses and ads not loading when status is unknown. Are you able to reproduce at all?

  • boulerzzz

    Hello bro can you help me with admob

    I want you to explain to me how to add ads ADMOB without problems

    To avoid any problems with Google to do that my game for all ages and all countries of the world

    Please help me that I'm just a noob and I don't want any problems with my AdMob account, and thank you very much.

  • Working on this, it is more annoying than it seems.

    Just a heads up. I have been considering removing the ConsentStatus expression altogether, because as it stands, it is no longer needed from the perspective of Construct anymore.

    The plugin uses the value internally to decide whether to show the consent form on startup or not, after that there is nothing else to do with it.

    From what I understand, apps should always have an option for the user to review the consent given, so that option should always be visible, regardless of the current consent status.

    I did find a little bug in the cordova plugin we are using, that was tripping me up, so any changes will have to wait until that is fixed. It's a very small issue and from what I can see the plugin development is quite active, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

  • Hi DiegoM , Sorry but the ConsentStatus expression is a must have! We must be able to tell if the user is Required or Not Required to give consent for ads or not. The consentstatus also tells if we have Obtained the consent or not from a person that is Required to give it.

    The whole framework for consent is required for EEA (and UK) users only. So of course we must know when this is Not required as well!

    just fyi: the cordova admob plugin that you now are using has been used with Construct3 for months, and consentstatus is of course very vital for building the event logic. To state that consentstatus is "no longer needed" is an extremely odd thing to claim.

    (the bug you found in ratsons plugin is already verified by others, good that you report it again so it can be fixed. But is not that important since it is easy to just switch over internally)

  • But do you really need it on the event sheet? Why? All you should care about is when the ads are shown. The plugin can decide internally if they will be shown or not, and it will be using that value to make the decision.

    Let's say you try to show an ad, but consent is still required, when you call an action to show an ad it will simply not be shown. On the other hand if consent was obtained or not required, the ad will be shown.

    There really is no need to expose the value, if the plugin is already making the choice of showing or not showing the ads based on it.

  • Ads should always load and show. The consent status should not block ads from being loaded or shown.

    If I want to show the consent message later, I might want to check what the status is to decide if its necessary for the popup to show.

  • The next beta will have the ConsentStatus expression returning the new values according to the User Messaging Platform SDK.

    Also deprecated actions and conditions relating to User Personalization, because those concepts don't exist anymore.


    You mentioned resetting the consent status, that is already part of what testing mode does. When the checkbox is ticked, the consent status is reset every time the application starts so you can see the consent form.

  • Thank you, this sounds fine.

    (Regarding reset it's not really the same thing to send a "reset" with an action (from a button, hidden or visible for example in a live app). than to have your app in "Test mode"... but yea, never mind..)

    Fyi: I have not tested the ATT/IDFA framework yet, so I might bug you with those later hehe :D

    Since those work similar to consent, but only for iOS.

  • Just tested this in one of my Android apps, all works fine apart from the Action ' Show User Consent Dialog ', I cant get it to show the Modal.

    I put this as a clickable menu option, to comply with GDPR.

    As a Side note Admob seem to have now integrated Funding choices into Privacy and Messaging.

    "If you previously used Funding Choices to manage user messages, your existing messages and settings, including ad partner selections, have been moved to Privacy & messaging"

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  • hello sizcoz

    Can you please make a tutorial please bro

  • DiegoM thanks for fixing bugs. Here are a few observations.

    Like sizcoz wrote the 'Show User Consent Dialog' action does not work. For some reason I get consent status "XXXXX&&true" if I try to open the consent window.

    Edit: The consent window works if I show it automatically when the app starts.

    Also if I give consent the status does not to OBTAINED update until the app is restarted.

  • I've tested the plugin today and agree with boulerzzz statements.

    either include getConsentStatus as an action, or (if possible) trigger this when consent is given. the condition is otherwise only updated when the app initializes.

    Otherwise all is fine (for Android) now. I've not tested for iOS yet.

    (I can see you use fixed versions (admob1.17 and consent2.1.10 at the moment), but I saw Ratson corrected your reported bug in consent 2.2. just fyi)

  • boulerzzz

    For some reason I get consent status "XXXXX&&true" if I try to open the consent window.

    Will be fixed in the next beta.

    Also if I give consent the status does not to OBTAINED update until the app is restarted.

    Just checked it, I forgot to get the updated consent status right after the form is closed. That's why it only works on reload. Will be fixed in the next beta.


    I can see you use fixed versions (admob1.17 and consent2.1.10 at the moment), but I saw Ratson corrected your reported bug in consent 2.2. just fyi

    Going to wait to sort out all the issues on my side before updating :P

  • THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!

    It works WONDERFULLY AS EXPECTED in the New Version!!!

    but, sadly the consent dialog is still not working....maybe it only works on Few Countries and Devices?

    and I want to ask about "Rewarded Video" and "Banner" issues...

    1.) Rewarded ads,

    in the few updates I read, you deprecated the Rewarded ads video and replaced it with "Interstitial Rewards" is that true?

    Can I use the Rewarded ads instead of Interstitial Rewards?

    2.) Banners,

    Banners ads Overlapped the Game Content, how to set the ads not to Overlap the Contents?

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