Can the Jumpthru behavior support the collision tags system that Solids have?

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  • I'm developing a game that uses multiple lanes of collision for both players and enemies (similar to a beat-em-up PoV) that I have been migrating from Construct2 to 3. The plugin I used in C2 allowed for solid collision filtering as well as jumpthru object that also were filtered.

    I incorrectly assumed that the collision filtering system for C3 would also allow for this, but if it does I haven't been able to determine a way to make it work. I'd argue this is pretty frustrating since most projects using the jumpthru behavior are going to also make use of the Solid behavior, so it would only make sense they have some parity in features.

    Is this something that is planned for the future? I otherwise really like the simplicity of the collision tags system, but it's pretty disappointing to see this not extended to other collision behaviors.

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