Having issues with export panel signing interface...

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  • I've just updated to the latest stable release (r204) and I'm trying to export for Android.

    I do the usual Menu > Project > Export > Android (Cordova) > Choose Signed Release APK...

    Then further down the interface I get to choose My Keystore and input Keystore Alias, Keystore Password but there's no box to input Keystore Key and so the build fails...

    Am I missing something? Is this a new feature of r204 that I need to check/uncheck something previously down the line or is it an error?

  • Got the same problem, I've already tried with keystore password only, but it fails.

    Edit: R199: "Android export: removed 'Key password' field since it was ignored by the Java keytool "

    But without it it doesn't work for me...

  • The build tool was actually ignoring the key password field, which was causing problems. So we removed it.

  • Ashley:

    But how should we build now? It doesn't work for me without the key password...

    Edit: Posted a bug request on Github with the error-log from the build:


  • Can you create a new key store?

  • I guess you need to use always the same keystore for google play since it's a live game (already published with the key)...

  • Yeah I thought you always had to use the same keystore otherwise you can’t update your live game.

  • The problem we have is the build tool was (it seems) updated to ignore the key password when creating keystores. So people kept entering a key password when creating a keystore, which was ignored, then re-entered it when signing the app, and then getting "wrong password" errors. This change was in the beta release for about a month before it came to a stable release, which gave the impression the change was OK.

    If we add back a key password field just for signing, we'll be asking people to enter a password they never previously specified, which would probably cause further confusion.

    So it's not clear to me what to do here, it seems this change to the build tool has thrown a spanner in the works. AFAIK whether or not you can change the keystore depends on the precise method you use for publishing, and in some cases I think you can change it. Otherwise you can try downloading the Java keytool and changing the key password on the keystore - it needs to match the keystore password, since the build tool now only supports both the keystore and key passwords being the same.

  • Sounds to me like you’ve fixed one problem to create another that will affect the whole community.

  • Yes I guess everyone who has "live games" doesn't use any beta versions, so the real problem appears now in the stable version and everyone with live games now has to switch to another build service...

    I mean if the key-password doesn't work for new keys, maybe just add a description what to do then. But now all users who already had working keys now need new ones if that's even possible.

  • Before taking any action, it would be useful to establish if you can indeed use a new keystore, since that would be a straightforward workaround and not require any further (and potentially confusing) changes to Construct.

  • Hey,

    I found this from Google:

    "Note: Using app signing by Google Play is optional. You can still upload an APK and manage your own keys instead of using an app bundle. However, if you lose your keystore or it becomes compromised, you won’t be able to update your app without publishing a new app with a new package name."

    Here the link:


    So I think it's not possible for everyone to generate a new key. But I don't know how many users will face this issue. Atm. I'm trying to sign the app by another service, but with C3 I can't.

  • When I was learning how to build my first app with Construct I learnt that I’d you lose your keystore then you couldn’t paste your app once live - so don’t lose your keystore a otherwise you’re screwed.

    Seems odd that Scirra wouldn’t know this And would create an update that blocks any current live from ever being updated.

  • Can you try using keytool to change the key password? I would really prefer to avoid having to change the UI back - we got lots of constant confused users previously, and adding to the support burden really makes a difference to us as a small company with limited resources. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I'd prefer to try to find any kind of feasible workaround first before we go and change back the Construct UI and end up confusing everyone going through key signing again.

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  • Is there any chance to add an additional description, so if someone can't build then he just should try to enter the keystore-password in the key-password field or how this actually works?

    I have several games and really don't want to change keys for all of my live games if that's even possible.

    Atm everything seems to be working by using another signing service, but of course it's more to do so... (exporting, then uploading to another software and signing)

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