Google Play no longer working in stable 171.3 and 175 beta?

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  • /update: I checked phone settings again and deleted app data and cache and I could log in again. Dont know how it got corrupted somehow but it seems to work again.

    Hi. My old game version and the latest update I just made with 171.3 constantly shows "undefined" as error (on Google Play error trigger). It seems im Auto signed in (no sign in button visible) but I can't submit scores, unlock achievements or show built in dialogs for both anymore. It's just saying undefined. But game ID is set. Any ideas why it stopped working? It was fine a few weeks ago when I tested the plugin. I could use leaderboards etc.

  • Just tried to build it with the current 175 beta but its still the same issue. It just says "undefined" as error message and Google Play is not working. Whats undefined?

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  • My brother tried it on his phone and it works fine there. But I dont know why.

    I uninstalled the app and downloaded it from Google Play again but I always get the "undefined" error.

    I added our google accounts to the internal tester list on Google Dev page. Any idea why I get "undefined" and cant use Google Play?

    /update: I checked phone settings again and deleted app data and cache and I could log in again. Dont know how it got corrupted somehow but it seems to work again.

  • I had that before. It showed me as logged in but I couldn´t access anything. It cleared up when I added a sign-out button and signed out and in again. I think I caused the issue in the first place after I deleted some data tied to the app from the google play app in an attempt to remove my leaderboard score. In the end I could actually overwrite my old score with a much lower new one after doing this. (I couldn´t just reset the leaderboard in the dev console because it was already published) Reinstalling the app wasn´t enough to recover from this status.

    So the steps to reproduce may be (I didn´t verify that)

    1. Make app, sign in to google play

    2. Delete the data tied to the app from the google play games app

    3. Open the app again and it may end up in this werid state of showing to be "signed in" but unable to access any of the features (also the google play popup when signing in doesn´t appear)

    4. Signing out and in again seems to solve it

  • Google Play Games has some pretty extreme caching systems that can easily catch you out, particularly around things which aren't expected to change ( like leaderboard configuration ).

    I actually published a revision which should have resolved some of these issues yesterday, but I guess I introduced a different bug?

    There is a kind of disconnect between there being a logged in user ( managed by device service ) and the app actually thinking it's signed in. The actual state can change underneath the app and there's no magic event that fires to tell you that. Hence the plugin has code that updates the sign in state when the value is expected to change ( after signing in for instance ), but I've heard of at least one crash from being signed in but the plugin being out of sync. The patch is supposed to update the login state at the entry point to each action if it didn't match the actual sign in state.

    I'm out of office for a couple of days so I've rolled it back and will review further when I have the chance.

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