How to find collision points:

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  • Hello,

    I couldn't find a way to find the specific collision point between 2 objects. Found this topic, but I can't reply in it because it is old.

    Here is what I tried, in case it helps anyone:

    You can create your own collision points and check using them.

    - At start of layout:

    -- For each Polygon point on your moving object A:

    --- Create a CollisionPoint object (a simple circle) at the polygon point X,Y

    --- Add the CollisionPoint object as a child to A

    - On CollisionPoint collision with another object:

    -- Do something

    Now you can control the distribution (shape and count) of CollisionPoint objects using the collision polygon.

    Note: there are sprite expressions now to get Polygon Point Count and Position of each.


    I just noticed that Physics has ContactXAt and ContactYAt expressions to get contact points. I might give it a try later.

    Hope this helps!

    Please let me know if there are more efficient ways.


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