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  • So right now we have a few options to create objects at runtime ("create object", "create object by name" and "spawn another object", if I´m not missing any) For most purposes, these do the job fine, but I feel like in certain cases I´m missing something I´d deem very useful. That´s why I propose:

    Create object (by name) with properties

    Right now properties are "picked" from the first instance that was placed inside the project (and I´m not 100% sure from where they come from when you haven´t placed any instances). As I said, that generally works fine, but what if I want that object to have a different opacity? Right now I have to add an extra action after creating it to set the opacity. This gets tedious if you create multiple instances with different angles, opacities, instance variables,... and not always can it be done inside a loop.

    The benefits? Less eventsheet clutter and more effective to work!

    The minimum I would be satisfied with would be having X, Y, width, height, angle and opacity (and maybe z-elevation) as this would already be quite a benefit in most cases.

    The next step could be also beeing able to set instance variables on creation. Basically the same issue as with the other properties, as in you have to set each variable individually with an action after creating the object.

    The third step could be to basically have the entire properties bar available inside the "Create object with properties" dialogue. This would also include object specific fields (e.g. Text objects properties), effects, behavior properties and whatnot.

    Would be cool if you could spare a vote on the idea thingy page.


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  • I just roll my own custom CreateObject function and pass it parameters.

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