Exported Web (HTML5) game not loading (Type Error)

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  • Hello.

    When I preview the game it works fine but when I export and then upload to my server it just shows a black screen and says the following in the chrome dev console:

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'exports' of undefined at g_aQ.g_Gh.g_aGb.Instance.g__j (c3runtime.js:2) at async Promise.all (/arone/index 4) at async g_aQ.g_ajV.g_ae_ (c3runtime.js:2) at async o.g_aOh (main.js:1) at async o.g__j (main.js:1) g__j @ c3runtime.js:2 async function (async) g__j @ main.js:1 o @ main.js:1 (anonymous) @ main.js:1

    Would really appreciate some help here. I'm not using any plugins or addons.

    Edit: I'm using latest version of C3 (latest desktop) with c3 runtime (no worker)

  • In firefox it just says : TypeError: e.g_Oh is undefined

  • Seems like a case for a bugreport to me


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  • Thanks man. I'll post there as well. I have a deadline for today and I'm pulling my hair out right now :(

  • If by latest you mean beta you should try reverting to an earlier release in case that is a new bug! Or the other way around, if you are on stable, try the beta and see if it is fixed.


  • Thanks for your reply.

    I'm using r157, latest stable, with desktop version 'June 13th 2019: updated to Chrome 75 (NW.js 0.39.0)'.

    I'm going to try and export from the browser version of C3 now.

    I'm hesitant to post on github as I can't publicly post a .c3p (I'm under an NDA).

    Thanks for your guide, I'll go through it if it doesn't work from the browser version.

  • You shouldn´t post the entire c3p. It usually boils down to 1-2 events or settings that cause the errors and nobody wants to debug an entire project.

    Since you are on the stable release just try editor.construct.net/beta for the latest beta release in case this was already fixed. (You don´t need to go through the guide for that, just open it) or actually do try an earlier release in case the beta doesn´t solve it.

  • That's good to know. I have no idea what events are causing it though.

    I'm trying everything you said now (just exporting now!).

    I'm using a loader layout (I've successfully used this one in the past) so maybe I'll just try the default c3 one next to see if that works.

    Thanks again, I really do appreciate it :)

  • I got it working :)

    It seems to be minify script o.0 I've always had that on but it seems to be stopping the game from loading now. So I turned it off and it's fine now.

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