No Direct Mirroring of SVGs ?

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  • Hi all,

    Anyone know if there's a reason there's no Set Mirrored option in the Appearance section of the actions for svg images.

    I can mirror the SVGs by adding them to a sprite's hierarchy as a child, then mirroring the sprite but seems unusual to me I can't do it directly.

    Is it just an oversight or can someone let me know a reason why. thanks :)


  • That's probably because svg has to be rasterized in order to change it.

    You can change its width to a negative value, but constant changes like that should be discouraged due to the extra processing needed.

    Use a Sprite, in the end its all raster anyways.

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  • Hey thanks newt,

    not sure I follow though, If I resize my window the SVG object doesn't blur like a sprite would making me think it's better for different screen sizes / full screen.

    Also in testing the est CPU / GPU doesn't change much if at all when loading or flipping over nad over the SVGs when part of the family

  • Svg scales infinitely so its great for logos banners T-shirts and billboards.

    Sprite doesn't upscale well, but it downscales fine.

  • "Mirror" just means negative width, and "Flip" just means negative height. So mirroring is just setting the width to -width. I think we added mirror/flip to Sprite as convenience actions, since it's common to use mirroring for platformers, but you can do it with any resizable object if you just set a negative size.

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