Construct 3 version of android game has higher CPU Usage than similar Construct 2 version

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  • Good day!

    I bought a license for Construct 3 yesterday, and overall I am very satisfied. I decided to compare 2 versions of the same game. The first version is compiled with Construct 3, and the second is compiled with Construct 2, via Cordova CLI. It turned out that Construct 3 version has a higher CPU usage on a mobile device (30-> 23%), while Construct 2 version (26-> 16%). I would like to ask why this is happening and is it possible to somehow reduce the processor load in Construct 3? After all, Construct 3 should be more optimized than Construct 2 and have much more better performance.

    The versions are identical, but there is a difference in performance.

    Also, an additional question. I would be very grateful if you can help me understand in what situations it is necessary to put "YES" in the "Use Worker" field? The default selection is Auto.

  • I would expect that the difference is because C3 is WebGl only, and better performance will mean more performance.

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  • The C3 runtime is far faster than the C2 runtime across a wide range of benchmarks.

    The CPU usage measurement is an estimate. You should not read too much in to it, especially with small variations like the one you described. The manual entry on the cpuutilisation expression describes its limitations in more detail. IIRC we also fixed some bugs in the cpuutilisation expression for the C3 runtime - in some cases activity is incorrectly not measured at all in the C2 runtime, so the C3 measurement should be considered more accurate.

    The 'Use worker' setting is also documented in Project properties with an explanation of each option.

  • Thanks a lot for your answers:)

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