Construct 3 NW.js desktop app [Deprecated]

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  • > > That sounds like a bug that was already fixed.


    > Hey Ashley, any idea when we can expect the slow saving bug fix?

    As the linked bug indicates, that was already fixed in r222.

    Interesting, because I'm on r223 Beta, I switched from the stable channel, and I'm getting those super slow saving time for my folder based project; an issue I didn't experience before...

  • You'd need to file a new issue following all the guidelines if you want that to be investigated, because the previous issue was fixed.

  • very cool

  • Hey all! I've noticed that NwJs C3 on Mac (iMac 27 2020) run projects slower and more laggy than the browser build. The same game on safari C3 is pretty smooth, but with the desktop version ( when running the game from editor) frame rate is not the same and even worse.

    Is there a way to make it run as smooth as the browser version?

  • A huge issue has just arisen a few hours ago regarding c3 Desktop.

    It automatically updated everyone to r255 without letting you make a choice. Happened not only to me, but for other members of the team.

    This wouldn't be a problem on the web version, I could just revert by changing the url, but here it just autoupdates even after reinstalling everything.

    We need to use r218 exclusively so we can ship with Steam integration, and we need the desktop version to work because we're using Github for version control, which is the only reasonable way to do it afaik.

    I can't develop anything in this state, so I'd like to at least know that this will be eventually looked into.

    Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your software!

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  • gustavoChico Try this launcher, you can run any version you want.

    I tried both launchers before posting any of this, same result.

    A workaround Andre gave me was "I flipped through custom again, chose beta and launched and now it did launch me into the correct version. The "do you want to update to latest version" prompt came up but I chose "not now" and it didn't update."

    That works, but I'm not a fan of third party stuff, and I think this is a legitimate issue. I'd like to know the reasoning behind forcing an update on a random date, that's all. Another user reported this isn't the first time this has happened. I woke up this morning to find my plugin list empty, and an update I legitimately didn't want and scared the crap out of me.

    I hope I'm not sounding too harsh here, Construct 3 is absolutely amazing, and this is the first time I've ever come across something to complain about. The devs do an absolutely incredible work.

  • All our stable updates roll out to everyone. This is routine.

    Why do you need to use r218 specifically? That will probably cause more problems than it solves (such as running in to bugs we've already fixed). Updating shouldn't be a significant problem, especially since we work hard to preserve a very high degree of backwards compatibility across years of releases.

  • I completely understand your point!

    But updates did give me headaches more often than not.

    This might be specific for the desktop app, but when I've experienced consistent crashes, corruptions, and many other shenanigans while switching versions, specially while working with other people, just sending files over and back.

    But most of all, Github. I can't stress enough how badly it behaves when you add different versions and plugins into the mix. I'm glad I decided to go with 100% vanilla r218 C3 for a big commercial project, because on other cases I've had to deal with surprises weekly, sometimes daily.

    You can discard the rest of this post if you want, but Github alone is a great reason to remove obligatory updates, and I think we can agree on that. It works BEAUTIFULLY when it all stays as it is during development, and I'd love for it to keep it that way if it's not too much to ask :) Just a button that lets me skip updates or a checkbox in advanced settings would be enough.

    Thank you so much for replying, Ashley, your software is incredilbly powerful, and I've only discovered it's full potential after finishing a few projects with other people over Github.

  • I don't understand what you mean. Construct doesn't have any direct integration with GitHub. I guess by that you mean the folder based projects? But those are still supported in r225 just as they are in r218. (You just have to be on the latest version of NW.js, and the editor prompts you to update if you're on an older version of NW.js.) There's also been no change at all to Steam support between r218 and r225. So there shouldn't be any material change between these two releases. I don't know what you're doing or seeing that's behind this apparent claim that Construct has removed or changed these features - it should all still be there.

    As I said, staying on old versions generally causes more problems than it solves. We fix dozens of bugs and make loads of improvements between stable releases. If you don't update, sooner or later you run in to difficult problems that we already solved. People already routinely file issues and contact support about issues we've already solved, and it turns out they kept using an old version of the software, and updating fixes it. It's certainly not a panacea for all software problems!

  • Yeah, I was talking about using Github with project folders. It’s a must have on a team project, and having different versions and other variables is an absolute nightmare of crashes, conflicts and corruptions. And I mean in general, even with simple projects. And I know Github integration isn’t your concern at all, but I’m just asking to have the ability to stop the software I pay for and use daily from breaking my workflow.

    I completely agree with your last point, a “skip update” button is 100% out of the table, but an advanced and hidden option that would let you opt out of obligatory updates should be a must-have specially for those that know what they’re doing and just want everyone to stay in the same version to have some control until we’re all ready to update. Working with branches, different plugins and modular parts of a project makes this super hard. I hope I got my point across, because this is a deal breaker for me in the future, and I LOVE this software!

  • Auto updates have always been a horrible idea, probably the worst idea in history of software development.

    It has caused huge and numerous problems in the past and still keeps on giving, most notably in the past with Apple OS components and iTunes updates making PC programs unuseable ( because they relied on quicktime ), Windows 10 problems too numerous to mention here, and obviously with Construct 3. Win 7 and 8 and XP before never had these problems

    Construct 2 has been working without problems for years, maybe a bug here and there , but nothing that would actually make me lose work. Construct 3 on the other hand seems to make itself unuseable with every update. For me anyway.

    With every update you roll the dice.

    If your machine is working today, it will still work 5 years from now too if you don't change anything.

  • gustavoChico

    I'm not a fan of third party stuff, and I think this is a legitimate issue.

    You can edit the package.json file manually, put "" there. I don't know if it will still prompt you to update, but it should run r218.

    I don't like auto-updating software either, but I believe in case of C3 it's justified. There are lots of bug fixes in every release, without the auto-update people will continue using old versions and endlessly complain about things that have been fixed a long time ago.

  • dop2000

    Yes, it still autoupdates. It's an internal issue. As I said before, the only solution I've found is through the unofficial launcher.

    An advanced option would solve this completely.

  • gustavoChico - I'm afraid I'm still mystified as to what the actual problem in r225 is that you're talking about. It still supports everything you've mentioned, including folder-based projects for use with source control like GitHub.

    That feature is still there, and so you can update to r225 just fine.

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