Construct 3 Desktop - Launcher (Release & Version Management)

    • Software Information


      Construct 3 - Launcher: Download ➚ | GitHub (Source Code): Open Link ➚


      This software makes it easier to use the desktop build of Construct 3. Select custom release versions, enable developer features and automatically keep everything up to date.


      • Install the official Construct 3 build or custom builds
      • Run any stable, beta or selected release versions
      • One-click update any installed Construct 3 builds
      • Use advanced features like Chromium-Args or enable Safe Mode.


    • Software Changelog

      Version 2.1.0

      <Added> Safe Mode support for all release types

      <Added> Shortcut to open Construct 3 folder from the bottom-left

      <Other> Custom NWjs releases are now directly being downloaded from and prepared locally

      <Fixed> Possible appcrash after installing Construct 3 releases on low-end PC's

      <Fixed> Several smaller issues and improved general performance

      Version 2.0.0

      <Added> Complete interface overhaul and new app updater software

      <Added> Built-in Construct 3 - Launcher self updater

      <Added> Built-in Construct 3 official release build downloader + updater

      <Added> Built-in Construct 3 custom release build downloader + updater

      <Added> Information on the latest available stable + beta release versions

      <Added> Releases list version type filter (all/stable/beta)

      <Added> Setting to launch Construct 3 in Safe mode (advanced)

      <Added> Setting to launch Construct 3 with Chromium-Args (advanced)

      <Added> Package.json manifest fetch (this previously required a complete app update)

      <Fixed> Several issues reported by 3rd party testers during the beta

      Version 1.3.6

      <Added> The releases list will now remember the previously selected release

      <Fixed> Wrong release version and sorting (#95)

      Version 1.3.5

      <Fixed> Crash caused by scrolling through releases list during an update

      <Fixed> Rare crash caused by spam-clicking update releases list button

      <Fixed> Issue with the releases list sorting of subversions greater than 2

      <Fixed> Minor design issues with the scolling buttons for the releases list

      <Fixed> Section hover effect not working properly (the things on the left side)

      <Other> Application restart is no longer required if a releases list update fails

      <Other> Improvements to asset loading speed and slightly reduced memory usage

      <Other> Minor modification to package manifest files to support recent changes

      Version 1.3.1

      <Other> Minor modification to package manifest files to support recent changes

      Version 1.3

      <Added> Version Switcher to launch custom supported versions

      <Added> Version fetch to get the latest versions (service provided by armaldio)

      <Added> New UI design elements and unique icons

      <Added> Data validation and file permission check

      <Fixed> Corrupted textures on low-end systems (pink pixels)

      <Fixed> Rare crash when launching Construct 3

      <Fixed> UAC related issues on Windows 10

      <Other> Improved application startup speed

      <Other> Simplified several error messages

      Version 1.2

      <Added> Design elements based on Construct 3

      <Added> External link to C3 launcher topic

      <Other> Changed icon colors on mouse hover

      Version 1.1

      <Fixed> Process detection to automatically close launcher when C3 starts

      <Other> Removed Python requirement (2.5mb)

    • Legacy Launcher

      Simplified Legacy Launcher (Deprecated):

      Construct 3 - Simple Launcher: Download ➚


    • Credits & References


      • Thanks to armaldio for testing and for providing Construct 3 version list backend!
      • Software created using Construct Classic (Open Link ➚)
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  • Construct 3 - Launcher V2.0.0 Released!

    Complete overhaul of the launcher. It now does everything including downloading and updating Construct 3. Adding to the monthly Construct 3 official build updates, there are now future proof custom builds of Construct 3 available, for when the official builds get deprecated.


  • Very nice. Just what I needed. Thank you for sharing

  • Construct 3 - Launcher V2.1.0 Released!

    This release improves Launcher performance. Custom Construct 3 NWjs releases are now being directly delivered from This makes it easier for me to one-click deploy updates in the future.


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