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  • Over the past several years on this forum I’ve created hundreds of example projects. I noticed that I often repost links to the same projects, and I’ve been thinking of organizing and indexing them for quite a while.

    dazedangels encouraged me to finally do this, and kindly offered to host demos for some of these projects on her website. I will update the post with the links as she adds them.

    Please note that this is simply a collection of some random ideas and bits of code. Not all examples are good. I don’t recommend them for learning Construct, please use the official templates and tutorials!

    I will have to split the list into multiple comments because of the character limit.


    CAPX and C3P Two virtual thumbsticks.

    CAPX Virtual thumbstick to control a character with 8direction behaviour.

    CAPX Floating thumbstick.

    CAPX Horizontal only thumbstick, controlling a car.


    CAPX Customizable rotating knob controls.

    C3P Move a sprite by repeatedly pressing two keys.

    CAPX Rotate an object by touching any part of the screen.

    CAPX Correctly detect gamepad events in your game. When pressing multiple gamepad buttons quickly, sometimes events "On button pressed" and "On button released" are not triggered. This demo provides a possible solution.

    CAPX Aiming with gamepad analogue stick or mouse.

    CAPX Force player to press a button on keyboard. Yes, it's possible!


    CAPX and C3P Custom horizontal and vertical slider bars for Construct 2/3.

    CAPX Controlling a slider bar with gamepad.


    CAPX Enemies walking around walls (Metroid-style) or patrolling the perimeter. Does not require waypoints and supports high speeds.

    CAPX Platform - flying enemies that are patrolling, shooting and chasing the player. (someone else’s project which I helped to fix)

    CAPX Patrolling enemies, moving between waypoints.


    CAPX Sorting 2-dimensional array by any column.

    C3P Export array data to CSV (Excel) file format.

    C3P Easily save lots of values in Local Storage – game progress, settings, coins or anything else.

    CAPX Connected listboxes - select category, select product, select model.



    CAPX Platform - leave blood trail on floors and walls

    CAPX Platform - wall jumps with decreasing height, camera scrolling/panning effects. (someone else's project with my edits)

    CAPX Platform - push boxes

    CAPX Platform - fake 3D shadow on the ground

    CAPX Change magnitude and direction of a swinging rope (useful for making a grappling hook)

    CAPX Climbing a moving/swinging rope (for example in a platform game)


    C3P Simple stacking inventory system.

    CAPX Platformer game about an archer. Includes in-game shop with different items sold on different levels. Simple CSV database of shop items and weapons. (requires CSV addon)

    CAPX Distribute skill points in an RPG game.


    C3P Physics puzzler - move and re-arrange blocks with mouse or touch, with snapping to grid.

    CAPX Physics - ball attracted to mouse cursor

    CAPX Physics game - catch apples with a bucket.

    CAPX Physics game - draw lines to catch falling objects.


    C3P Bullet with long trail - two example, with and without stepping.

    CAPX Car moving on a predefined path using waypoints (hold Space).

    CAPX Relative movement on another moving object.


    CAPX and C3P Template for a card game – shuffling a deck of cards, dealing cards from the deck to two players, automatically sorting and arranging player’s cards. (C2 version requires MoveTo addon)

    CAPX Simple "Loop" game demo - click on the tiles until they line up correctly. Includes two versions, the one with sprites supports smooth rotation.

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    CAPX Detecting the exact point of collision between two large objects.

    C3P Prevent from overlapping another object while dragging.

    C3P Lasers hitting obstacles. Raycasting feature of LOS behavior.

    CAPX A method of faking destructible ground with mask sprites, and using 'laser ray' to detect new terrain. C2 version without raycasting.

    CAPX Spawn objects randomly without overlapping, two versions.


    C3P Smooth tinting of the entire screen with selected color.

    C3P HSV color picker tool.


    CAPX "Flooding" a dungeon tilemap, detecting rooms and walls.

    CAPX Flood fill a tilemap.

    CAPX Flooding a terrain heightmap.

    CAPX Simple 3D shadow effect for a tilemap.

    CAPX Create a destructible terrain as in Scorched Earth with a tilemap.


    CAPX Word game - fill in the missing word in a sentence.

    CAPX Simple quiz game with questions and answers loaded from a text file.

    CAPX Math game - quickly type answers to math questions.


    CAPX Pathfinding on a hex grid.

    CAPX Using an invisible tilemap as an obstacle map for pathfinding.

    CAPX Pathfinding - instantly and constantly showing path to cursor position.


    CAPX Zooming a portion of the map.

    CAPX Minimap - clicking on minimap scrolls to this position on a bigger map.


    CAPX1 Scrolling a list of players, scores, images etc. Includes a version with multiple columns.

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    CAPX Visible field of view (FOV) in a top-down game, like a flashlight beam.

    CAPX Smooth angle change in 8direction behaviour.

    CAPX Simple follower for 8direction behavior.


    CAPX Auto-resizing speech bubble, for dialog systems.

    CAPX “Old terminal” style text input with blinking cursor.

    CAPX and C3P Scroll text line by line. C2 version requires Scrolling addon.

    CAPX Search for a text in a large list by typing first letters.


    CAPX Zoom a sprite or the entire screen with pinch touch gesture.

    C3P Z-elevation effect made with events, allowing to offset camera position.

    CAPX Camera - two examples of scrolling limited to a certain zone.


    CAPX Walking around buildings in isometric view.

    CAPX Z-sorting in top-down isometric view.


    CAPX Comprehensive Undo/Redo system.

    CAPX X-ray machine effect with blend mode.

    CAPX Rotating an image in 3D (frame based)

    C3P Splashes of paint on the wall.

    CAPX Draw a bounding rectangle, or a perimeter around multiple objects.

    C3P Draw a rectangle with rounded corners.

    CAPX Stopwatch displaying minutes, seconds, milliseconds.

    CAPX Skiing or driving game - leaving double tracks, infinite scrolling background.

    C3P Driving a long truck.

    C3P Simple speeding up, slowing down effect for the wheel of fortune.

    CAPX Detect when an NWJS window loses/gets focus.

    CAPX Animation frame change with morph (fade)

    CAPX Chain demo, without using Physics.

    CAPX Changing sound volume with distance

    CAPX Simulate an ultra-low-resolution dot display.

    CAPX Draw an ellipse from its center and any point on its circumference.

    CAPX Fake 3D effect of firing a machine gun from a helicopter.

    CAPX Using Javascript to display Open File dialog, returns the file name to a callback function.

    C3P "Diamonds" transition effect when switching between layouts.

    CAPX Preventing cheating – protecting sensitive data with a hash. Requires CBHash addon.


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  • Impressive list of great demos for construct! Thanks alot for sharing!

  • Yeah ... thank you very much for your effort and sharing your knowledge to the Construct-Community. Currently i am using C2, but soon i will go to C3 (when the ThreeJS plugin arrives).

  • Very impressing! Thank you a lot for this.

  • Someone needs to send you a medal for your service! I think people could build a game strictly from your demos. I'm proposing a spring time game jam to be "build a game using Dops tutorials only"

  • Thank you, great resource and work!

  • I'm proposing a spring time game jam to be "build a game using Dops tutorials only"

    Lol, please don't do this! These will be weird and crappy looking games :)

  • A new portion of examples, enjoy!


    CAPX 3D fountain with bouncing balls.

    CAPX This one is hard to explain, you need to see it! A sphere made of tiles which follows mouse cursor.

    CAPX Text displayed as a moving sine wave with fade.

    CAPX Glowing laser effect

    CAPX Huge juicy explosion effect - shake and tilt the screen.


    CAPX Sharkie game - you are a hungry shark chasing swimmers, eat ‘em all!

    CAPX Create beautiful paintings using different stencils, brushes and colors.


    CAPX Collect weapons and swap between primary and secondary weapons in a platformer game.

    CAPX Top down shooter, where you can collect and fire different weapons, swap your weapons with keys Q and E.

    CAPX Comprehensive Inventory system - pick up different items and display them in the inventory screen.


    CAPX Customizable radio button controls.

    CAPX Using a sprite to invoke Open File dialog and a workaround for FileChooser bug.


    CAPX Send data to Google Spreadsheet.


    CAPX Split text into separate words.


    CAPX A simple demo demonstrating how to link object instances by UID.

    CAPX NWJS - create and execute a BAT-file in Windows.

    CAPX Save and load game progress to a disk file.

    CAPX Fire at targets to shrink them.

    CAPX A template for a simple level editor - drag objects on the map.

    CAPX Simple teleportation to a predefined or a random teleport.

    CAPX Simple AI with Pathfinding - wolves chasing prey.

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  • Thank you Dop, this can be really handy! Will definitely leaf through these little demos :)

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  • I'm not a programmer as much as I'm a code cobbler.

    I am cobbling together the "Word Game – Fill In The Missing Word In A Sentence" Demo AND the "drag objects on the map" Demo to create a sentence structure app to help teach my autistic daughter how to speak in sentences. (Huge vocabulary, no ability to use it)

    So glad I talked you into this (:

  • Sticky dis sheet! 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • One very common problem with Pathfinding behavior is preventing pathfinding objects from colliding and overlapping each other. There are many different methods and ways to approach this, unfortunately, none of them are easy or 100% working. I have two demos, which are also far from perfect, but may be a starting point for someone making an RTS game.


    C3P C3P Prevent pathfinding objects from colliding with each other. Two versions: Avoid overlapping while moving + Avoid overlapping at the target point.

    C3P And as a bonus - accurate Pathfinding. You may have noticed that pathfinding objects almost never stop at the exact target point, sometimes they stop early, sometimes late, sometimes miss it completely. This example provides a solution.

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