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Demo Game Multiplayer Online with member registration system
  • Thank you for spending so much time helping others!

  • In case you missed my other post - we've launched a new website with our demos!

    All demo projects on the website are arranged into categories, contain a short preview and direct download link. Come visit!


    Here are the recently added demos:

    C3P A car made with Platform behavior. This will suit a very simple game for kids.

    C3P A more advanced example - Physics car with working front and rear suspension.

    C3P Simple local leaderboard/scoreboards, where names and scores are stored in an array.

    C3P A system of portals/doors, allowing your player to travel between layouts, or teleport within the same layout. Very simple example with just 5 events.


  • Wow, I had know idea this just got made. I seen a linked to this and checked it out. Im trying to get my enemies to accurately roam and navigate through mazes and as well, avoid walls. Your pathfinding demo helped me out a little and is thankful for you putting in your time to help out creating these demo's. That pathfinder is one difficult behavior to work with.

  • A couple of new demos on the website:

    C3P Generate random levels from pre-built scenes. Must see if you are making a game with many levels, this example can save you a lot of time!

    C3P Push objects (crates, chests, rocks, doors) with Tile Movement behavior.


  • New demos!

    CAPX Saving and Loading system with multiple save slots.

    CAPX Select multiple sprites and move them around with optional snapping to grid – just like re-arranging icons in Windows.

    C3P Scroll your layout by dragging the screen with touch or mouse. You can adjust the speed and direction.

    C3P Draw a path on the screen and make your character follow it.


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  • New demos!

    link 3D Star Field Effect

    link Create Non-Linear Plot and Alternative Endings in your adventure game

    link Create a reflection with water effect

  • link Limit the angle of view for Turret behavior

    link Use containers with families - two methods of picking objects from the same container when using families.

    link Create a realistic chain or rope with Physics

  • Wow. Cool effects! Thank you for taking the time to create these! Im planning on using the tournament style for a future game I want to work on and non-linear plot is what im aiming to pair up opponents against eachother and then move up from there.

  • GamerDude96 No worries! The demo for non-linear plot is pretty specific, the level structure is stored in instance variables on the buttons (in main menu). Which is not a very good solution as you can't access this data from other layouts. A better way would be creating a JSON or XML file for this data.

  • Some very cool additions today!

    link Air Hockey for two players in less than 20 events!

    link Rifle Scope demo - "undo" Blur or other effects with Drawing Canvas

    link Password lock




  • A lot of very useful timesavers! Thank you.

  • New demos!

    link Coyote Jump – a simple trick that can improve your platformer game

    link Camera auto-zoom and auto-scroll for multiple characters

    link Roller painting using a Tilemap object

    link A simple gun recoil effect

  • New demos!

    link Flood fill for a coloring app - yes, it's possible in C3 with a bit of scripting!

    link Updated Wheel of Fortune example, now you can select the prize in advance.

    link Simple level selection screen.

  • What an amazing website. I'm enjoying checking out the demos, just to see how you do things. Thanks Dop!

  • Great stuff.

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