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Demo Game Multiplayer Online with member registration system
  • 'You are great!'- (jumping with a fist up in the air, 80's style.)


  • Awesome. Brilliant work !!!

  • This week 4 out of 5 new demos were sent to me by other Construct users! Big thanks to Von Perkele and bartalluyn!


    link Trajectory Calculation – two methods (includes Youtube tutorial)

    link Cropping and Expanding an Image

    link Framing Effects With Zoom

    link Pathfinding Stack

    link Communicating with an iFrame in Construct 3

  • New Premium Templates are now available on! They can be purchased from the Scirra store.


    1. Random Level Generator - now contains 3 demo levels and shows how to build levels from scenes of selected difficulty and make endless runner/jumper games. A free 'lite' version of this template is available for download.

    2. Color Picker and Converter Tool - I've completely reworked this demo, it's now 100% accurate and allows converting between HSV, RGB and HEX formats.

    3. NEW! Multistroke Gesture Recognizer and Recorder - supports single stroke or multi-stroke gestures, allows recording new gestures and adding them permanently to your project.

  • Loved the gesture recognizer. For some game like Crayon physics or some kind of sketch app on you can do stuff like that and on finish the stroke gets the nice shape(associated sprite) so you can drag/drop to build some UI desing or similar.

  • Need to be using C2 runtime for one of my projects to test on my old 3rd gen iPad, so I can't use the new features like Drawing Canvas. Can the Gesture Recognizer be used without Drawing Canvas? Would be cool to just have it recognize and not record. Also the Color picker seems useful, might get that for other projects.

  • yme Gesture Recognizer template doesn't use Drawing Canvas. The line is drawn with TiledBackground objects and you can remove it if you don't need it.

    However, there are a lot of scripts in this template, to convert it to C2 runtime you'll have to move them to "Browser Execute Javascript" action.

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  • It has been a while since the last update. Here are some new demos!

    LINK ASCII Art loading effect

    LINK Print an image or export to PDF

    LINK Display random images without repetition

    LINK Simple healthbar


  • I have discovered your website, awesome job.

    Do you still continue to feed it? It is opened to the community to add some tutorials?

    Great job btw

  • I try to add new demos when I have time. Most of the examples are not really tutorials. (and not all are good quality)

    If you have a tutorial, it's probably best to post it here:

  • Happy New Year everyone!

    There are a few new demo projects on

    LINK Tilting platform (seesaw) in a platformer game

    LINK Simple camera scrolling in a top-down view game

    LINK Chess game for two players! This is an implementation of chess.js library, which supports chess move generation/validation, piece placement/movement, and check/checkmate/stalemate detection - everything but the AI.

    LINK Physics ragdoll (paid)

  • After a long delay here are some fresh updates on

    LINK Another variation of the Rifle Scope demo, now with real magnification

    LINK Animal Crossing Funny Text-to-Speech Effect

    LINK Simple Object Shake with a custom Ease

    I also published two new templates on the Asset Store, check them out!

    LINK Want to add Subtitles to your videos? Prepare an SRT file and import it to the project, it's that simple!

    LINK A new version of my most popular "Random Level Generator" template, now for Top-Down View games

  • wow, I don't know how I ever missed this thread, but knowing how active you are on these forums it doesn't surprise me. This is a gold mine of value!

    Thanks for all of this, you genuinely add a great deal to this community!

  • okay the first one I looked at was "Force player to press a button on keyboard.", opened it, looked at the event sheet, then I saw today was April 1st......

  • "Force player to press a button on keyboard."

    I forgot about that one! Yeah, it's perfect for the occasion :)

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