I cant open my construct3 project

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  • Ashley

    I cant open my construct3 project - it says please check if its a valid construct3 project - it doesnt matter if its acutal or an backup

    "Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 3 single-file (.c3p) project."

    its the same project i always open - there has nothing changed - all the previous backups are invalid....

    it doesnt matter in which browser it always says the project cant be open.....please i dont know whats the matter - it is a normal .c3p file (i have so many backups and every time the same message)


    I only cleared the browser history (the project and construct3 werent open at this time (chrome))

    I had to reinstall the addons iam using (litetween and rex touch wrap)

    i cleared the browser again and on construct3 startup i get this message:

    Error report information

    Type: unhandled rejection

    Reason: Error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': One of the specified object stores was not found. Error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': One of the specified object stores was not found. at https://editor.construct.net/r81-2/main.js:2:3971 at

    Stack: Error: Failed to execute 'transaction' on 'IDBDatabase': One of the specified object stores was not found. at https://editor.construct.net/r81-2/main.js:2:3971 at

    Construct 3 version: r81.2

    URL: https://editor.construct.net/

    Date: Fri Jan 26 2018 10:24:02 GMT+0100 (Mitteleuropäische Zeit)

    Uptime: 480.9 s

    Platform information

    Browser: Chrome

    Browser version: 63.0.3239.132

    Browser engine: Blink

    Browser architecture: 64-bit

    Context: browser

    Operating system: Windows

    Operating system version: 10

    Operating system architecture: 64-bit

    Device type: desktop

    Device pixel ratio: 1

    Logical CPU cores: 8

    Approx. device memory: 8 GB

    User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/63.0.3239.132 Safari/537.36

    C3 release: r81.2

    Language setting: en-US

    WebGL information

    Version string: WebGL 2.0 (OpenGL ES 3.0 Chromium)

    Numeric version: 2

    Supports NPOT textures: yes

    Supports GPU profiling: yes

    Vendor: Google Inc.

    Renderer: ANGLE (AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0)

    Major performance caveat: no

    Maximum texture size: 16384

    Point size range: 1 to 1024

    Extensions: EXT_color_buffer_float, EXT_disjoint_timer_query_webgl2, EXT_texture_filter_anisotropic, OES_texture_float_linear, WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc, WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc_srgb, WEBGL_debug_renderer_info, WEBGL_debug_shaders, WEBGL_lose_context

    please tell me you can fix this and make my project run again its a customer projcet and if its broken......omg.......please help

    I cant launch the project on other computers too....and it doesnt matter which project (backup) this is horrible - i did nothing except clearing the browser history and cache....it had nothing to do with construct3.....i cant imangine why now every version cant be open

  • In general please post bug reports here following all the guidelines: https://github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues

    If you have a project that needs recovering, you can send it to me at and I'll try to recover it, but I can't guarantee it can be recovered. Also without knowing how the problem happened in the first place we can't fix the root cause so we don't know if it'll happen again. This is why you must keep regular backups!

  • I have 30 backups - But every file cant be loaded i think its not a file problem - please it means a lot to fix this i hope you fix this this is so important.

    I ve sended you the file via e-mail (wetransfer link).

  • There's nothing I can do unless you follow the full bug report guidelines (steps to reproduce etc.) or provide a project that you want recovered. Otherwise there is literally nothing for me to investigate. Maybe you could try another browser like Firefox, Edge or Safari?

  • Did you get the email?

    I tried to open it with other browser - same result...

  • Update:

    Ashley could fix this issue - it was the touch wrap plugin by rex, which caused this issue.

    The plugins were deleted, after i cleared the cache of chrome, which is basically the browser, construct3 runs in. I had to reinstall them - but after that construct3 could not be synchronized and the message appears.

    Thanks Ashley! Without your (fast) help it would be a nightmare, because it could not be fixed by myself.

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  • Congrats2u

    Sorry for that inconvenience, I change the No|Yes comb property to checkbox property of rex_touchwrap before. If you open a c3 project which have rex_touchwrap object with No|Yes comb property, it seems has trouble. But it is fine if you start new project with latest rex_touchwrap plugin.

  • rexrainbow

    Thanks for your Feedback rex! I just had a heartattack this morning when i was relizing i could not open all of my versions (backups etc.). I thought i would have to start from zero with this finished project.

    So right now, if iam saving the project, it opens with the last version i added to the addon manager this morning. I think it was a missmatch between the current version and the older version i installed a month ago. but i didnt knowed that it was the plugin until ashley analyzed the project and thanks god he could recreate the project.

    Note to myself.....never clear the cache on chrome anymore until the projects are finaly done and uploaded Iam not sure if this problem will appear again if i would clear the cache and reinstall the plugins again - i dont want to find out - but in this current project your plugin was very useful for me so i had to let it in the project.

    Hopefully this will never happen again.....it was a really horrible feeling this morning...

    now i have your version installed - is this version fixed? (it runs without problems at the moment - i can open the versions, wich ashley fixed)

  • Congrats2u

    It won't happen again, because that I won't create, update or port any c3 plugin.

  • [quote:3u4gkc94]It won't happen again, because that I won't create, update or port any c3 plugin.

    Oh no rexrainbow I use about three of your plugins in my commercial game done in C3... Then i'm pretty much doomed :O

  • This is the risk of using third party plugins, when there is no more development the user is left alone in the dark.

    JavaScript is not that difficult to learn. At udemy.com there is a very good course, created by Jonas Schmedtmann. It does cover almost everything and is explained in a very clear and informative way. I have more courses from this teacher, and can tell you, they are very good.

    I learned from that course that a lot of things become possible when mastering JavaScript, especially in website (html5, CSS3, JavaScript) coding.

    It is better when possible to create your own plugins than depending on somebody else.

    I also regret RexRainbow's decision not making or converting his plugins any longer. But whatever the reason, we have to respect that decision.

    P.S. : I suggested the udemy course because I like that very much and find it really excellent. However I want to make clear that I have no benefits of any kind. I just want to share my positive experiences with this course.

  • I'd add that for over 5 years we've advised plugin developers not to fork (copy-paste and edit) official plugins/behaviors: https://www.scirra.com/forum/please-do-not-adjust-official-plugins-or-behaviors_t71650

    This is because we've always known doing so causes all sorts of compatibility problems, just like the one in this thread. Other difficult compatibility problems that can happen include bugs being fixed in the official addon but not the fork, new features being added in the official addon but not the fork, and in the long run, the official addon gaining the same features as the fork therefore making the fork redundant, but leaving you with the awkward job of removing the fork from your project and recreating all the events that use it.

    My advice to users would be avoid any third-party addons that are based on a copy of an official addon. You're basically signing up for these compatibility problems.

    I am happy to work with addon developers to come up with alternative extensibility options, but I rarely see any discussion of this - most addon developers ignore our advice and fork official addons anyway. To try to avoid the problem in C3 we've done our best to hide the addon source code so it's simply not an option.

    I would also add I appreciate all the work addon developers do, and it's great for the community. I only make an exception for this specific case of copy-pasting an official addon and changing it. I wish people wouldn't do that.

  • I see, i was asking for a 9-Patch plugin clone adding this features:


    Load image from url

    Scale and Angle

    After talk with some SDK developers seems can be done, but after years the 9patch plugin never got updated with all this.

    So, as you said the best option to avoid all this will be ask for a new complete 9-Patch plugin with all that options. But, you have planned add that features finally on the C2 plugin? Or this 9patch features only will be available on C3 Runtime 3.0?

  • Ashley

    I completly get you. I didnt expected this issue - you know how i was messed up when relizing the project could not be loaded. I will try to avoid third Party plugins for the future as good as i can - but sometimes there are functions you would need in the Project because they could not be accomplished without those plugins. In this Project (you could recover and fix - by the way i cannot say enough thank you for this - it saved my ass) iam using litetween (perfect sprite tweening) and Rex touchwrap (because of the release at object function).

    Bad Wolf

    Think i will take a look to this - basically i have to learn JavaScript to became better on webprogramming (usually iam programming with C# in Unity3d)

  • I see, i was asking for a 9-Patch plugin clone adding this features:


    Load image from url

    Scale and Angle

    Well, a feature to load a sprite frame in to a 9-patch would solve most of this, in 1 action. I suggest you post that to the feature request system. That would avoid the need for an entire separate plugin and all the compatibility baggage it entails.

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