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  • Hi all,

    I just found out that buildbox 3.0 has full 3D capability.

    Did anyone worked in it? Is it any good? How is it in compare to C3?



  • Well, I've used it a couple of months back. You can't animate anything skeletal so the only way to animate a character for example seems to be to switch between models each frame. Of course most of the games made with it seem to be just abstract hyper casula so if balls and cubes is your thing then it seems great.

    Also, I literally ran it for just an hour or so and it crashed a lot. Maybe they've fixed some things since then.

  • Obviously I'm totally unbiased, but it looks like they use a flowchart system instead of anything approaching the event sheet. It looks like it doesn't do much of what Construct's event system can. Also one of the big disadvantages of flowchart systems is they are 2D and quickly land you in a spaghetti-like mess as soon as you do anything more than the basics. Event sheets stay well-organised even with thousands of blocks, since they are just listed in the event sheet.

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  • Yes, I also love Constructs event sheet system. It stays well organised in bigger projects.

    Only thing that interested me is their 3D system and it seems realy easy to use... atleest on promo videos :)

    But engine is realy pricy.

  • Hmm I mean for 3D you could aswell use godot or just dive in with unity, both for free.

    99$ per year and you can´t even customize your loading screen + you are limited with worlds/scenes (whatever that exactly is, I guess it´s kinda like layouts) 199$ per year if you want a custom loading screen, but you are still limited with worlds/scenes, 299$ if you don´t want limitations.

    And people complain that C3 is expensive...

  • It seems way too expensive for the market they are targeting. Also I hate flowchart programming which sadly is becoming more normal.

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