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  • Hello,

    I know I have to post bugs on github, but since I don't have an account there, maybe someone will post the bug there who have an account, or maybe the staff can check it out here:

    If you have an image (in my example called image1.png) and you use it for a TiledBackground but you also use it for a Sprite (The Sprite uses the image for frame1 and the Sprite also has other frames with other images).

    Now you export the game to html5-web and choose deduplicate, recompress, minify. Now you should have your exported game with the spritesheets. If the image "image1.png" is in a spritesheet with other images, the TiledBackground shows the whole Spritesheet when playing the game...

    This always happens if you use the same image for a TiledBackground + Sprite and the image is in a Spritesheet with other images after exporting. You can fix the problem by not deduplicating images when exporting.

    Hope you can fix that problem so I can use same images in tiledbackgrounds / sprites and deduplicate at export-settings.

    Version: newest Version of Construct 3

    Best regards.


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  • You know... you can just register an account there? It´s free. Also it´s best to have a sample project to go with.

  • We also need you to follow all the bug report guidelines, such as providing an example project, to be able to help.

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