Broken resolution on Iphone X

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  • Hello friends!

    I am developing a game in portrait mode with the resolution (720x1280) on C3, however when exporting it to html5 and testing on Iphone X when I turn to landscape mode it is all broken. Has anyone ever experienced this?

  • can you provide some screenshots showing what you mean by broken specifically? i don't have an iphone x myself, but others might be able to identify the issue if they see how it looks on your screen.

  • As you can see in the image, as soon as we rotate the screen, this happens. Remembering again that it only happens on the Iphone X and probably should happen on similar models as well.

  • When switching aspect ratios like portrait and landscape theres a few things to keep in mind. There is a browser object you need to add to your project that will have some actions in it including one that detects if your game is running in landscape or portrait on device. When switching you probably need to re adjust your camera using the system-> scroll to action. You will probably also need to enable the "unbounded scrolling" checkbox in the layer properties so that the camera can center on your upper left viewport window where you probably set all of your graphics. This will let the camera see beyond the corners of the layouts while running.

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  • make your life a lot easier for now and lock orientation to one or the other. If that's the problem, just have the game work in just one. Few games really NEED to allow both. Sure its nice, but getting the game finished sooner is nicer.

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