Big sound lag on some Android.

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  • So I had my first few sales on Play of my real-time instrument. Yes.. Result.

    However I have ended up refunding all purchases as all the users complained of impossible touch lag of around half sec.

    Some of the phones I dont recognize but two of the phones are both Samsung Galaxy S7 running android 8.

    I managed to get a dialog going with one of these guys and worked with him to try to resolve the lag but in vain.

    Now I fully understand and accept that these construct apps are running JavaScript in cordova and it is interpreted language using browser APIs and we are never going to get blazing native like performance.

    However... bearing in mind that my app has no moving graphic elements (0% GPU) and ultimately consists of about 20 events that just play a sound when the screen/sprite is touched. Which results in about a 1-3% CPU on most phones I have tested.

    Then I would expect that

    Samsung Galaxy S7 (which although not a new phone I would still consider an extremely high spec phone (Snapdragon 820 - 4 GB high speed ram , quad core up to 2Ghz processor, adreno 530 GPU still considered high end even today) - running Android 8 ...

    ....should have no issues with touch lag.

    So why does it? and is this common? And if it happens one a simple app like mine surely it happens on all these games that you guys are making?

    I don't want this to be a bash Construct thread, I would like to use it to investigate, get hard data, get some feedback and maybe even resolve.

  • 500ms touch lag? Then no game would be possible to play, at all..

    Of curse there will always be lag technically, but I have never experienced any lag that is noticeable at all, even on Galaxy6 for heavy games..

  • fredriksthlm Is this for construct games ?

    This guy said he can play cod and pubg with no lag but my app = lag.

    Ive seen my daughter play very high level & high speed geometry dash and also fortnight on her phone (moto G5 android 8) with no issues, but my simple app = very laggy (with 1%CPU ?)

    I will post some vids and my demo app link later and will also make a simple tester app to hopefully get some feedback.

  • My guess. There is some kind of error on some devices if something is touched. So it needs time to handle this error.

    I think you need to see the error log of one of the devices.

  • Everyone on this forum is creating (and playing) construct games.. Some with heavy graphics! Of course 500ms of lag is not normal, if it would then no game would be possible to play at all!

    The issue must be in your events somehow

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  • Cheers Asmodean

    I will try to check that tonight on my daughters phone. (at work now) and get back.

    its lunch time so I am just now going to put my full app on the demo stream on play store then maybe some of you guys with different phones can try. Ill post the link then its published.

    (edit just realized don't have my signing key with me right now so to be continued tonight...need to get back to day job now)

  • I'm having some issues with sound too, but it is not a lag - just that the game often refuses to play multiple sounds at the same time. Maybe it is the same in your case? (Though I'm using C2 runtime and m4a, ogg audio, so maybe it's fixed with webm and C3 runtime)

  • Did you experience the lag yourself when you have tested the game?

    Just try to export some super easy game (use one of the construct templates maybe) and load it on your phone, if you don't see any lag with that one, then you know the lag is caused of your events on your own game

    if this is an "instrument" game, do you have heavy sound files? are they all pre loaded in the memory before you start?

  • fredriksthlm

    Yes this could be a possibility, however the main phones I tested on ( Cubot Power, Galaxy Note 8, HTC 11 have little to no lag especially when fully charged.)

    I will reduce my app to simplest possible and post cp3 asap to diagnose.

  • Just in case... you didn't use 'on tap object' but 'is touching object + trigger once' right? Because the tap action has a delay (by design)

    This thread is relevant for me too. I'm also working on a very timing sensitive app and it works on my phone and all phones I've tested so far.

  • WacktToaster has a good point. I only use on tap for menu items, for game interaction it is almost always on any touch start as that registers immediately ( or should in theory )

  • Ok my dudes

    hosted test app. my official app does nothing more than this. Turn you sound down a bit before try.

    top button to start sound

    bottom button to change frequency.

    have found that the hosted website performs slightly better than the apk.

    debug apk

    would really appreciate if people would try the apk. as it seems more laggier that hosted on the laggy device.

    c3p (note I am aware that I am setting frequency every tick this is deliberate as it reflects the behavior of the real app as the frequency can be changed by other events also not just button press anyhew i get exactly the same results if I change the frequency only once on the button press)

    Video Tests

    Note: Im tapping the screen with my nail so you can hear the nail tap then the change in sound to hear the lag.

    Cubot Power - Android 8 - Very little lag - IMO realtime playable

    Moto G5 - Android 8 - Lot of Lag (sorry I dont know why the sound is so low but you can clearly hear 300-400ms delay. This phone can play fortnight and geometry dash with no lag. so why is this simple app lagging?

    Moto G4 - Android 7 = lag. ...

    Samsung S7 Android 8 = lag

    Hawaei P10 Android 8 = lag

    Galaxy Tab A Android 8 = lag

    Galaxy S8 Android 9 = lag

    all measured 300-400ms

  • I tested on both S10 and S6. Didn't get any noticeable lag in any of those. (i used the webpage, not the apk)...

    Have you noticed "lag" with other events, or is it only for sounds?

  • fredriksthlm thanks for testing I would expect the S10 to kick ass but the even on the S6 no lag? hmmm Interesting....

    I did think about introducing an animation to see if that was also delayed but I didnt want to muddy the waters. I have asked my S7 refund dude to test also hopefully he will get aback to me.

  • just added

    Moto G4 - Android 7 (website) Lots lots lag....

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