Big sound lag on some Android.

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  • I was talking about problems end-users have when using apps, in which case the particular way those apps are built is irrelevant.

  • Sorry for necroing the post, but I have 2 devices that do support low latency on a number of audio apps, but I can't get them to, using C3.

    Ashley an entry for latency in audio properties, after the already very involved 3D audio positioning settings doesn't sound like too much overhead to me. And new users won't even touch it. Could you implement it please? Latency on Android has been a problem for years, and it's good that Google are on it, but I would like to have access to that property please. And if possible give end users a way to experiment with it.

    In some cases stuttering is *not* worse (such as tiny samples or a metronome app), and any way I look at it, that property is useful, even when all devices become 0 latency.

  • No, I already explained in this thread why - it could make it worse and introduce glitches on some devices. The right solution is for Google to fix this, and they are aware of the issue filed.

  • OMG I have not been here for 2 years! hope everyone is well. Im not really developing any more these days but I accidentally launched my old music app and it looks like this audio lag issue may be somewhat resolved in the recent chrome 90 browser / webview. at least on the android / pixel devices that I have tested. would be interested to know how other phones are performing.

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  • Although I cant see it confirmed in the update logs.

    Google have confirmed in the bug report that they are now

    "... using the AAudio back-end in a proper way... "

    I haven't fully tested the results but this is potentially amazing news for construct mobile developers as this has been a problem for many many years.

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