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  • Growing up I loved the Strike series on the Genesis and then later on the psOne.   Desert Strike, Europe Strike, Jungle Strike, etc.

    This is a loose attempt at a similar game, with a bit of a different art direction. It's kind of an ambitious project for just me and 1 graphics designer, but we are taking it slow.

    This version just kind of testing out the mechanics. We will start to construct levels with goals, etc. There is even a map if you hit M, but it's pretty ugly right now :).

    Construct is so amazing to work with!

    You can't be killed, but you can destroy most everything on the level.

    Arrow Keys Move.

    Z - Machine Gun

    X - Missiles

    M - Map (not much use now)

    Non Titled Strike Game

  • I think it's looking darn good! I can't wait to get comfortable enough with Construct 2 to do this.

    Good job!

  • I loved it. Just realised I've been sat playing it for ages now. Sign of a good game. :)

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  • Thanks! :)

  • I looks pretty good!

  • nice...

  • Thanks for the kind words all.

  • i dont like it

  • I do like it. :P

    Plays like it has a lot of potential. Shooting while steering / strafing was a bit complicated for me. For the non-QWERTY users Z might be a bit too far to reach while not letting go of the WASD hand position.

    On my natural keyboard I have to make weird finger breakdance moves to reach Z.

    My suggestion would be to assign the fire buttons to shift+space or ctrl+space, this also makes the player able to utilize his thumb and the little finger.

  • I didn't realize WASD worked, I was designing it using the arrow keys for movement, but i will check that out. I'll probably make it configurable anyway, but thanks for the feedback, very helpful :).

  • Yes, please finish it! Even with the minimal content I was lured into playing for like 10 minutes.

  • Just a quick feedback based on a single run though :

    1:- Crosshairs -some way of telling what you're aiming at would be good, perhaps they could even move out a further distance the faster you move?

    2:- Graphics are nice on the helicopter, but the style is incoherent, there's the grass and the water with the fancy shader effects, but then the buildings in the cartoon style - maybe keep everything in the cartoon style. Including backdrops.

    3:- Can't wait to hear some sounds. :)

    It reminds me of Red Zone more than Desert strick being as you've got it top down as opposed to shallow isometric like desert strike had.

    Maybe you could throw in some Red Zone style parallax on the taller structures to make things more 3d. :)

  • I'll check that game out. Thanks for the feedback.

    The water you see at the beginning was just playing around with the effects, and a few areas the graphics are a mix. I have one graphics artist doing it all, so when it's all said and done the style should be coherent, we hope :).

    I like the crosshair idea, I'll play around with that.

  • OK yeah, RedZone is a great comparison. I can already see how the crosshairs will solve one of my issues with the missiles :).

  • I loved Strike!

    Good luck with this man. Looking good so far!

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