Planet-O-Tron free demo released!

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  • After 2+ years of development I'm super thrilled to finally present my new game - Planet-O-Tron!


    Click here to play Planet-O-Tron demo

    Planet-O-Tron is an addictive "match-3" puzzler with a unique game mechanics and fun graphics!

    Click here to play Planet-O-Tron demo

    This is a browser version of mobile game, you can play it on PC or on your phone. The full version will soon be released on Google Play and App Store.

    I really hope you enjoy the game and would love to hear your feedback! Can you beat level 9? :)

    If you liked the game, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

    Our official website:

  • Great game idea dop2000

  • Thanks!

    Discovered a problem - the game won't run on IOS.. Apparently, Safari doesn't like audio files that are too short (less than 0.1 seconds or so?)

    It should be fixed now!

  • Good effort, nice idea to bring something new to match 3.

  • The graphics are certainly high quality, and everything looks and handles professional. But I guess it's got to, after 2+ years of work ;). I'm not that familiar with match 3 games, but the idea looks pretty interesting.

    Anyway, I noticed the original Construct 2 loader (just the loading bar) was still initially on screen. Then it disappeared and the fancy rotating loader showed up. Me being a bit of a perfectionist there.

    Loading time is still a bit long. I don't think it is my PC or internet speed. I guess the loading time will reduce once the game is installed on a device?

    As for gameplay, the planets don't seem to slide smoothly. Every planet 'connects' for a moment and then you need to slide even further.

    Perhaps you could make them slide smoothly (without connecting), and once the user ends touch, then automatically align with the closest planet. I just thought it was annoying to have to slide all the way especially when the correct planet is on the other side of the ring.

    I think smooth sliding could be a real improvement for gameplay speed. Not sure if it can be integrated, but I'm pretty sure you can figure it out. It will also reduce multiple touches for dragging the rings, making it a bit less 'clunky'.

    Out of curiosity, will you charge a fixed amount for the game or will it be free, with ingame purchases for example?

    Anyway, I've seen you helping a lot of people on the forum, so I wish you extra luck with its launch.


  • , Thanks a lot for the feedback!

    How long did it take to load? 10-20 seconds or longer?

    The size of the game is about 30Mb, and it's hosted in Australia (which is famous for its crappy internet speeds), so maybe that's why it's loading so slow. It should definitely be faster once installed on the phone.

    Planets rotation is intentionally made to be one step at a time, because each step uses 1 energy and the energy is the most important resource in the game. If I allow to rotate planets freely, without stopping after each step, the energy will be drained really quickly.

    When you see 3 yellow planets scattered far away from each other and you start bringing them closer, you will quickly realize that this is not the best tactics, as you are losing too much energy. So you have to be creative and plan your moves.

    The game is going to be free with IAPs and ads. But there is no "paywall", it can be played without spending money. When testing I completed all 200 levels several times without making a single purchase.

  • very nice!

    If serving the files is an issue you could use instead with links to the appstore on your demo page

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  • , thanks! Posting on is a really good idea! I'll probably do this after I publish the game on Google Play and App Store.

  • Made a level with 15 bombs to see if it's possible to beat it.

    The answer is - almost :)

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