My new game - Zombie Typing Survivor

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  • Hi all,

    Let me present to you my latest game. The game is named "Zombie Typing Survivor". The goal of the game is to survive to all the Zombie waves coming after you.

    Play the game here

    Unfortunately, I won't work on others games anymore because I don't have time. So, this will be my last game of this year at least.

    How to play

    The gameplay is simple. Use the Keyboard keys to kill Zombies.

    In addition, the player has 3 grenades when he starts. Press Space bar to launch one. A grenade kills all the zombies of a wave. Use them wisely. Remember you only have 3.


    Some graphics are made by Daniel Cook.

    Title screen music by brandon75689 (tragic Ambient Main menu)

    In game music by HorrorPen (Dramatic Action)



    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">


    Please, feel free to leave any feedback about the game. I would appreciate. Especially comment about bugs found in the game or suggestion to make the game better.

  • I had the idea of making this game while I was in the toilets. I swear. I also just wanted to see how far we can go with the Construct2 engine. I'm pretty sure that the game lags when there are a lot of zombies. This game is also a test.

    I don't think there are such games like this on the Scirra Arcade too. For me it was a great challenge. In addition, I only used 72 events. As always, I only use the Free Edition of Construct. With the 28 events remaining, I could add more stuff <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

  • Very nice, simple gameplay.

    Graphics wise, could be improved a lot.

    The blood has a weird white border, probably from bad transparency or cropping.

  • One gameplay issue I had was with the invisible letters. One example was getting the word "Ass" and I couldn't type it at first and I wasn't sure if the game was bugging or not when I realized it was either pass/mass/whatever else.

    I feel it would have a better flow if the missing letters have a symbol signifying that you have to figure it out.

    Other than that it is a nicely executed game.

  • Rory,

    Thanks for your comment Rory. Concerning the graphics, it's true some part could be improved. I removed some of them. For example the blood you mentioned. It was easier for me.

    Believe me, you won't be the first one to who I said that. I'm not good at drawing sprites and I'm willing to learn how to do it. Of course, I saw your great game and I noticed you made the graphics yourself. I wanted to ask if you know any website where I can learn how to make pixel sprites?

  • MWB,

    Thanks for your comment man. I absolutely see what you mean. It's just a matter of Layout size in fact. The word you were trying to destroy was "mass". I'm guessing you pressed firstly the letter "m" and the word was not visible in the layout. In addition, I think there was at least 2 zombies whose word started with the letter "m". So, there is a script that choose randomly between zombies with same first letter of the word.

    Another thing, there is no missing letter. The game is to destroy each letter of a zombie. It's not about guessing what the missing letter is. Once you hit a letter, it will be automatically destroyed. Then, you have to destroy all the other letters.

    I uploaded a new version of the game with a bigger layout size. You can check it out. Let me know if this was helpful.

  • Oh, odd.. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that means there is a bug somewhere. Often some words are missing letters in the middle of words.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    I also got this game over screen:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    And I noticed the intro screen looks like this for me:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Can anyone else confirm if this is just on my end?

  • Thats the most fun I have had spelling... well... Ever! I could probably use the help as well haha :)

    I got to wave 11 - 300 points.

    One thing, when you get to the stages with tons of zombies and there is multiple words starting with the same letter - It always chooses the Zombie/Word furthest away from the player (my eyes on the other hand naturally go to the zombie/word thats closest to the player).

    Great work.

  • Looks okay here. What browser are you using MWB?

    I like it. Some suggestions:

    I think the score should be based on typing speed and not just number of zombies killed.

    I don't like the way it randomly selects a word starting with the first letter you typed. You start typing a word and it selects a different one and it really throws you off. It can be difficult to figure out the other word as well when there are many words on the screen and overlapping. I'd suggest moving the selected word to the top of the z-order so it's not hidden behind other words.

    And you need an option to mute the music ;)

  • Very odd.. It happens in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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  • anthonykojima There's lots of good tutorials online, I learned the most from these (More tutorials in his dA Profile). I'll be writing some tutorials for the tutorial section soon as well. Thank you for the nice comments.

  • MWB,

    Thanks for pointing that issue out. This is caused by the fact the font I used in the game is not installed in your computer. I used "Agency FB". I thought it was a window default font. So, the bug tells me it's not. It should be fixed now.

    The space allowed for each letter was not wide enough. Therefore, these letters were hidden.

    Could you let me know if you still have that problem. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac or Linux computer to test it with. That's the kind of stuff I should also be aware of.

  • If it helps with any further troubleshooting and research regarding the font issue I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

    Typing of the dead (which I imagine you know about) has backgrounds behind words which make them easier to read and to tell apart as (I believe) they get brought to the front when you start typing them.

  • Great game! I don't think I ever played a game like this before. The best part about it is that players can add their own difficulty level to the game if it becomes too easy, like maybe typing with their elbows or their left ear.

    I tried tying with a shotgun... Not recommended. :(

  • Reminds me a lot of Sega's "Typing of the Dead"

    <img src="" border="0" />

    But hey, a good idea is a good idea regardless!


    There is no indicator of how to get back to the main menu when you go to the "How to Play" section. I had to refresh the page to play the game. Might be something to think of fixing or at least add a text prompt "Press X to get back to menu" or something of the sort.

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