Metroidvania Game Kit (Out Now!)

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10 Loopable Tracks, and 34 SFX. Perfect for Metroidvania, Platformer, Adventure games.
  • NaSTy Thanks!

    1. It is designed as a desktop game. There are few input events, and what is there is bundled together, so you can probably add touch controls in like half an hour. Also, it can be tricky to bring this to mobile devices considering the fixed-size rooms and map tiles. Honestly I have never seen a metroidvania like this on mobiles.

    2. Since this gamekit is modeled after Metroid, there are only ranged attacks. I am open to adding new things if there is enough demand for them though.

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  • Tokinsom Looks great as soon as I get paid I'll get my copy. On your previous comments and following NaSTy melee would be very welcome however I see no issue on making it myself for my needs as the kit seems flexible enough for that. I have been playing plenty of metroidvania style games on mobile... they're more vania than metroid but they're out there mostly made in cool anime style too... I've had a few installed on my Galaxy S5 (which got deleted because I need the space for actual work).

    Check Arcane Soul as one of the better looking examples although a lot more platafrorm-hack-and-slash than full fledged metroidvania and adventure game like this(or much better) could easily come out from a kit as cool as yours for desktop and/or mobile given the right mods and effort.

    Anywho... awesome work on this kit guys.

  • Ooh nice! I'll have to check this out

  • Looks really good!

  • Tokinsom Holy crap man!!! I swear after seeing this kit I've been using C2 wrong all along!!! I need to go back to the drawing board on my projects jajaj... scary.

  • Can I use this kit to create a short game using sprites and backgrounds made using PhotoShop? Or to be frank a game that visually looks like Skull Girls or Indivisible?

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