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Inspired by open world 2D side scrollers, mobile RPG app games and action adventure, explorer styled platformers.
  • A while back I made this

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    to see if a Metroidvania game could be made in C2 without any external editors or 3rd party plugins, and have been getting all kinds of questions and requests for the .capx ever since. Frankly, it's getting to be a bit much!

    That said, 7Soul and I have decided to make a "Metroidvania Game Kit" to help Construct 2 developers make metroid-style game engines like this. It will essentially be a small, heavily-commented, open-source metroidvania game to learn from, modify, tear apart, or whatever you want. It will feature...

    • A Player character that works similarly to Samus from the Metroid series
    • Familiar weapons and abilities
    • Room transitions, alignments, and object management.
    • A minimap system
    • A subscreen system
    • Metroid-style HUD
    • Various enemies
    • Save Data
    • Menus
    • and more!

    It will include lots of sprites, tilemaps, sfx, and music to play around with too, of course.

    We hope to have it finished and available on the Scirra store within the next month or so.

    In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions, and if there's something you'd like to see in the game kit that isn't listed here we're open to suggestions.

    Update #1 Room transitions & alignments, HUD minimap, WIP player character & tilemap.

  • Nice, even though metroid is a pretty basic game, it can be troublesome for some to actually think about how to design it.

    I hope this will help people realise that designing something is not just saying "we can't do it, there is nothing for it" when they don't know what they want (it seems most people I talked with had trouble with the room to room scrolling in their head, I just can't help at that point, if they don't know what they want themselves)

    It's all about design, concepts, not "does C2 has something slightly similar".

  • Looks really good! Definitely the kind of thing I would like to see more of in the Scirra Store. I am really interested, not only for the advanced code, but also for the more basic platform movement and such. It really helps to see how more experienced Construct 2 users use behaviors and how efficient some people work. I think things this can be a good base for beginning Construct 2 users. Nice job guys!

    Also what will the pricing range be? if it isn't too expensive you have your first buyer right here.

  • A good idea! It will help newcomers and advanced users as well. Metroidvanias are becoming more and more popular. I think you will hit the nail on the head with this. I'm also interested in the pricing range.

  • Aphrodite

    Yeah It's pretty overwhelming at first considering all the different ways you can design a metroidvania in C2. I think my approach here (what Ashley himself recommended in our discussions a while back) is the most accessible and will teach people enough to make 'vanias in whatever way suits their game.

    Derqs liquidmetal The biggest issue I'm facing is the fact that good/efficient code is not always the most beginner-friendly! I'm trying my hardest to find a good balance between the two. I'm still doing many things as I would in my own games, though.

    As for pricing, it's early days still so it's hard to say. It looks like this game kit will have quite a bit more content than any current templates on the store, but of course we need to keep it reasonable!

  • It's great to see your progress from the Minitroid demo ages ago (one of the best Construct Classic applications in my opinion) to the possibilities of this new engine. I frankly have a hard time believing that you are using the above footage without 3rd-party plugins, namely Magicam! =)

  • With "beginners" I didn't mean total noobs. Of course it is impossible to make advanced code accessible to everyone. I'd focus more on the advanced users if I had to choose. Consider the fact that there are tons of beginner tutorials out there but it is hard to find something suitable for the beginner wanting to become a pro. There are to less advanced courses with easy to read code. I'd call it a gap in the market and I'd not dumb it down to fit everyones needs. Everybody asks for basic beginner solutions but there are more than enough answers to these questions. What people really want are the tricks and knacks of the pros to make there code more efficient.

  • I think it's a very interesting game kit for the shop.

    So,... *shut up and take my money!*

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  • This is a really good idea Tokinsom! I've seen and have been really impressed with your metroidvania prototypes and cannot even imagine how many requests you get to share your capx. I really hope this does well for you.

  • Really cool idea! Nicely done.

  • liquidmetal No worries. This game kit is definitely more suitable for intermediate/advanced users. I'm just trying to construct it in a way that people with less experience with C2 can still find their way around. If anything I might include a "walkthrough" video to explain how the various components work together.

  • Update #2

    -Game Save Platforms & Save Data (player health, collected items, minimap progress, current room, etc.)

    -Dummy enemies and player/weapon interaction

    -Metroid-style health & energy tank system

    -New bullets & FX

    -New tileset

    -Fade in/out transition

    -Placeholder title screen

  • Update #3

    -Graphical improvements


    -Destructibles & particle FX

    -Item collect sequence / message box

    -Item persistence

  • Excellent work! Very impressive Metroid remake youtube video!

  • Really stoked that you're doing this for the C2 community. I'll be sure to grab a copy!

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