Football Dash (GooglePlay) - 1,400,000+ downloads!

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  • Update: 10/17/18 1,409,453 downloads

    Update: Reached 1 million downloads on Sept 1st 2017!

    Check out my new app on Google Play Store:

  • I can't download it. It's not available in my country (Czech).

  • Noga Just updated to be available for rest of world. May take a few hours for it to show. Really appreciate your interest!

  • Ok, it works now. Why'd you restrain any country from downloading the game or was it applied by Google?

    It's a nice game, I'm just missing a music. I think rock would fit, it's no big deal though. I like the leaderboards, what service did you use?

    Did you use new for the export? After pressing the back button on the device, the game terminates immediately. There's no quit selection or delay. I think it's a problem only when using Cocoon.

    The field doesn't stretch the whole way on my device. Look at the screenshot on the right side. The resolution of the device is 1600x2560

  • Noga Thanks! Yea, i'll take a look at that. Regarding the width issue, I'm having a hard time designing for multiple screen sizes. Any tips on how to do that?

  • Regarding the width issue, I'm having a hard time designing for multiple screen sizes. Any tips on how to do that?

    1. The best, but also the most expensive option is to buy test devices. That's most reliable when you have on hand experience. I bought 4 devices and it helped me a lot. If you can afford it, pick edge case devices. I choosed those:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab3 - because it was most used tablet at the time (6 months ago) and it has small resolution compared to the big screen (1024 x 600 - 7in screen)

    Samsung i9300 Galaxy S III - most used phone

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 - because it has huge resolution (2560 x 1600)

    GIGABYTE GSmart Guru G1 - phone with hd display = small screen x high resolution (1920 x 1080)

    I bought them second hand, about $120 a piece, which is ok I think.

    2. Second option would be to have friends with various devices. Meet with them once a week/month and let them play your game. This might be even better than option one, because it won't cost you that much and they'll also give you instant feedback. Sometimes you just need to change one thing and see if that button is sized correctly, than it's better to have an in house device.

    3. Big monitor with high resolution. 4K+ would be great, but I guess 1920x1080 should suffice, which you can get a new one for $120. Than you can stretch the browser window to see where it breaks.

    • while previewing the game in Chrome browser
    • press F12 or "Ctrl + Shift + i" to open dev tools and undock it into separate window
    • stretch/shrink preview window, you'll see actual resolution in the upper right corner
    • try unusual screen sizes and see how it looks. Sometimes I try crazy resolutions like 1800x100, 200x900 and see if the game is still playable and if the background stretches properly.
  • Noga Thanks Noga. I guess my real question is how do I make it work for other sizes and screen ratios? Is there a way to target those devices, or do I still need to make a one-size-fits all option that looks good on all devices? For example, how do I fill that right empty spot? Do I make sure all the graphics are there and then, on smaller sizes, they just don't see it? But then how does it effect the playable area?

  • I'll try to see if this works first ... le-devices

  • Noga Good advices

  • good game man

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  • Thank you!

  • Noga Thanks for all your feedback! Very helpful! I will definitely try to see if I can borrow friend's devices or maybe get a couple cheap test devices somewhere.

  • I like this, new take on endless runners, beast mode is cool, and an overall nice mobile gaming expiranc . Those high scores are sexy too

  • Have yet to try the game but your title is misleading. Hopefully it won't cost you potential downloads.

  • MrClifford Thanks for your wonderful feedback!

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