Football Dash (GooglePlay) - 1,400,000+ downloads!

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  • SamRock Yup, I meant build the APK. I can't high enough FPS with Intel XDK, but maybe I have to optimize my game more?

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  • This is a nice game, I enjoyed it! Keep up the good work!

  • SamRock Yup, I meant build the APK. I can't high enough FPS with Intel XDK, but maybe I have to optimize my game more?

    Yes Probably.. look for unwanted loops (eg For Each), Events. Use Family for Collision detection. Disable Collision on Objects that dont need to be checked for Collision (eg. Menu, buttons, etc that are inside the game screen)

    Also what is the size of your graphics? If you are targeting only Mobile and Tabs, you can resize them to smaller size instead of having HUGE images and scaling them smaller within the game.

    Just few things I followed to improve performance on my game

  • Today is the day that I broke 1,000 downloads!

  • Today, we broke 10,000 downloads! Thanks for all the support!

  • Thanks for all the support! Beast attack has now reached over 100k downloads! 1k to 5k installs a day.

  • Congrats!

  • Paradox Thanks!

  • Thats a great achievement. Just curious and without giving specifics has the effort put in and the accumulation of downloads giving you the monetary return you're aiming for thus far? Did you market or promote on other sites at all or is this snowballing by itself?

  • Congrats man! I'm curious in how did you make the top score with your own design. Are there a way of using google play leaderboard with your own in-game design?

  • 4ror I'm not sure how it reached so many downloads, but I did post the link on some indie game forums. I'm thinking of doing some promotions such as ad placement and even physical promotions. In terms of monetary return, I wasn't aiming for anything and would even settle for $5/month. I just let it do it's thing, but it's more than what I thought could be earned from a free game with no IAPs.

    kossglobal Creating the top score was so complicated and took a lot of research. I couldn't rebuild it if I tried, but I think this site here was helpful: ... -php-mysql

    I should probably implement the GooglePlay leaderboard, and I don't believe there is a way to create your own in-game design for it.

  • Having to use the google play leaderboard is really frustrating because its design is really apart of the game's design and seems really bad and ugly =/

    I just don't create my own leaderboard using this link because I need to pay for a host and I can't do that if I don't have any app generating revenue... oh boy =/

  • haha.. I'm surprised you aren't having any licensing issues.. if it's legit then cool niche find! I should make a Tom Brady game..

  • jobel Why? As far as I know he didn't use any title, name or image registered. I didn't understand.

  • kossglobal well... the uniform colors, football, running back and he licensed the name Beastmode... of course Beast Attack is not Beast Mode, but it's obviously referencing that. It's pretty borderline.. I'm sure an argument could be made that you are infringing on his "property" --although admittedly its a grey area, but maybe you are small enough it doesn't matter? I just know how crazy that whole Madden vs 2KSports was about licensing players likeness etc.. I'm no legal expert, just stood out to me...

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