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  • It is my first build. Used it as a learning tool to get familiar with using Construct 2.

    Free on the arcade:

    for people with keyboards...

    Hoping it doesn't suck too much for a first attempt. No programming experience, just an old gamer kid from the 80s who misses his C64 and Amiga 500.

  • Hi, i like ur game.


    add life.

    add sound when pick a jewel.

    add Uparrow = Jump.

    Anyways, good work.


  • Thanks Tesla! It was a fun learning experiment. Thanks for looking!

    I did originally have the jump command on the up arrow. Just turned off the jump command when the character was overlapping a ladder and then they could still use the up arrow to climb up as well, but then I discovered that if the character was overlapping a ladder and there was a need to jump to dodge a dart they wouldn't be able to jump and would get hit. So I switched it back to the way it is now.

    I toiled with the idea of a life bar too. I figured the little kids in my family who I made it the game for might struggle a bit with getting killed, so I made the game for 'point loss' only where they could compete against each other for a high score - I should add a top ten high score page where players can enter their names. As of right now when ported to Windows the game only remembers the single best high score. It's also only 5 levels, not very long. I think I will go back and make a bigger version and a little harder for older players with the life bar.

    My new project I am in the middle has been sucking up a lot of my spare time, top down shooter... maze runner... shotgun armed player... Nazi scum to deal with.

  • FYI - added sound to picking up items.....not sure if I like it though.

  • nice

  • Design a bit older I find very enjoyable. It's a good job for a first draft!

    Just had a small bug with animation of the character when he leaves a ladder.

  • Nice game especially for a first game. Just a tip, you should limit the score to 0 so it won't go negative and also add life points and fix the animation bugs that sometimes trigger when there is a landing problem during the climbing. But overall, it seems nice.

  • Very good!

    Especially when compared to my first...


  • This was a fun little game Music was good and controls were smooth. Good one for a first game! Congrats!

  • Thanks for taking a look and the feedback. Looking into fixing the bug a few have reported at the top of the ladders. Spent an hour on that today but wasn't able to isolate the issue. More time to tackle it tomorrow.

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  • Pretty confident I fixed the animation issue with the player character stepping off of ladders. Uploaded a new game version with the fix. Play tested it all the way through the game and never had the bug show up... so I think it is squashed.

    Again, thanks for the feedback everybody.

    I made this game as a test for myself to get familiar with Construct 2 and the Programming Flow... also as a first game I plan to put in the game bundle I am giving away to the little kids in my family this coming Christmas. Will probably make a harder version with the health bar and powerups in the months to come for the older kids. Will post that updated version when I get to it. As for now, been working on a top down shooter blasting Nazis.

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