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  • a simple Super Mario platform system test... (Chinese site)

  • Snake type game + touch control. :

    Wurmi Construct 2

  • Snake type game + touch control. :

    Wurmi Construct 2

    Good idea to provide this game on construct2 too. (I saw you made it for CC originally)

    I have a few troubles though.

    I'm using Firefox5 (which has trouble with the looping option) and when I hit the "end game" message and the little music starts to play, it seems to be looping badly, even distorting and having some kind of reverb (I think the sound is played and overplayed too many times at once).

    Also I had to press esc the first time to make it stop looping.

    The issue about sound in firefox5 is known (check ashley's blog posts about it) so please consider a little bit of code to check if you are running the game in firefox or not (object browser, expression agent, value "Mozilla" something) and try to fix it. (when agent is mozilla => no loop, or something of the like)

    Else, it seems like a nice snake game, harder than the usual with the spawning red mushrooms.

    Keep on the good work.

    PS: I still think this topic should be stickied ^^

  • I hope you don't mind Joshiii Kun. But I downloaded your platform game so I can disect it and learn the ways of platforming.

    That's quite some work there.

    Where can I learn how to make these platfrom games?

  • Joshiii-Kun, that's cool, but did you see the new platform behavior in release 35?We who have no arrow keys can't use it. <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Sorry,, i'm new here..

    can i ask for help here??

    how can i make a platform enemy like this mario game??

    and this is my project...


    sorry for my bad english..

    cause I'm from other planet...

    <img src="smileys/smiley12.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • hello there, this is my project :


    i lack now in creativity, still don't know how to improve the game, any advices? anyway, the game has no good gameplay, sometimes it's difficult to strike the enemies or to jump. How can i fix all these problems?



    arrows control to move the player

    shift to strike the enemies

  • Bee game WIP

    It tog me some while but it works more or lees the way I want.

    The graphic is sketchy till I get the remaining events done.

    Sofar it got:

    -Player following the mouse arrow with "bullet" behavour (couldnt figure out yet how to manipulate with speedup and slowing down, depending on distance)

    -Physic object joint to player (moust tricky in my opinion)

    -Animated objects that are randomly spawned on X-axis+ "wait" action before they fall (is there a posibility to add individual gravity or something? Also, personaly I prefer if the "resize image canvas had "Stretch" first and not "Align top-left")

    -Time limit with global variable that destroys and pauses the game after reaching 0

    I probably picked a boring gameplay type but I find it worth for learning and practice :P

  • Here are some AJAX examples. One is to save and load from a database and if you go to that one, make sure you hit L first to load the data.

    This one:

    will let you register to my site via AJAX.

    It's pretty cool stuff

  • hey b-rev, works perfectly! good stuff mate.

  • Megaman clone (movement prototype.) Special thanks to SullyTheStrange. :) Might add in shooting later.



  • Controls:

    • Left: A
    • Right: D
    • Jump: W
    • Bend: S
    • Run: Keep A or D for more than 3 secs
    • Craw: Keep S and press A or D

    The next batch of poses will be released soon, I'm learning and figuring out how to make them in the best way possible ^^


    See o/

    Haha, that game was really interesting and funny, you should make some more maps for it. :P

  • I've been experimenting with a simple platform enemy AI. So far I've managed to make the enemy wander around aimlessly, bumping into things and occasionally jumping up to higher ground.

    I nearly managed to add some decision making behaviour where it sortof chooses an alternate path to get where its going, but I managed to break the behaviour completely. (See disabled events for hints as to what I was trying)

    I need sleep now, so I'll leave it for tonight. Hopefully my brain wont explode trying to make an FSM later on... it nearly exploded just getting this far.

    CapX Play

    ....mannn, I'm missing the if/else/or conditions right about now!

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