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  • I finished making a platformer game.

    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    Only runs on Windows (I'm using nodewebkit).

    If you want to try it:

  • Wow, this looks class, the most polished C2 game I have seen to date...

  • wow... that is so good... I love it; it looks very professional.. so much attention to detail. The characters are really good, each one has its own character.....

  • Wonderfull game :)

    Did you use Spriter animation for your character or only sprite + pin object on point ? (like the weapons on arm ?)

  • Thanks peoples. I didn't use spriter, I started working on this in June 1 2012, before it was around. I don't know what "pin" is, I just manually animated half of it, and set positions with the rest.

  • looks great, I love that kind of games. I voted on greenlight

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  • Wow. This is amazing! Love the sounds too.

  • Demo available maybe <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Also can I ask how big is your exe and how long you would estimate the game length is in hours.

  • This game looks great :D

  • Great stuff! :D

  • Wonderful work Alastair!!! You rock.

  • looks great !

    Tell me , did you hit some C2 limitations when designing the game ?

  • Great game, I bought it and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Just some suggestions:

    -When you are playing it's easy to forget which weapon you are carrying with each hand, I died many times just for pressing the wrong one. It'd be nice to have some kind of indicator on screen.

    -Release a demo, seriously, there's no much info about the game and a simple demo will get more people to buy the game.

    -Market a bit your game or have someone else do it for you, seriously, you have a good product but your website looks a bit poor, give us reasons to buy it and send a couple of e-mails ( will probably feature it if you contact them).

    P.D.: I keep dying after beating the first 3 stages >.<, I'll have to practice more.

  • After discussion with Puppygames on about demos, I think for the $5 price point he'll get more sales with a video and advertisements.

    Thankfully IndieGames has put up an article about Angvik.

    Angvik: being cute doesn't mean it isn't hard

    Congrats man. I don't have the spare money to buy the game at the moment :(.

    Also, did you mention C2 as the tool you used somewhere in the game? I know you don't have to, but Scirra always can use more potential traffic :P.

  • This game looks great, man. I don't buy without a demo or an onslaught of great reviews, so if you're not keen to make a demo, make sure you get your game out there and into the hands of reviewers! Yes, you might have to give it to reviewers, but if you stand by your project, it'll be worth it.

    Also, I'd loooove to see a post-mortem on this game. Just watching the video, there are a lot of things I'd be super interested to know how you did in Construct. If you've got the time, I'm sure a lot of people here would appreciate it.

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