Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon Greenlit on Steam!!

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  • UPDATED September 25, 2015

    Dakoo has been Greenlit!

    First off I have to say thank you to everyone that voted for, left comments or spent anytime looking at DaKoo. Without Construct 2 I don't know if I would be making games right now, so special thanks to Ashley and Tom, the Scirra team!! And all the people on the forums that have helped, ramones, cranberrygame, russpuppy, rexrainbow, R0J0hound and eli0s, just to name a few. Thank you!!

    Please check out if you haven't already, there you can see the trailer@ 60fps and read my very first blog post. Over the next while I'll be posting a lot more. Lots of things have been changed since I last posted an update. Major art changes, more characters. More bad guys and smarter bosses, are just a few of the changes.

    I still really want to get as much feed back as possible before the final trailer is made, so I've also posted the a YouTube link bellow(sorry embedded videos are no longer working), but it only runs so I suggest using the homepage listed above. Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon has more than 100 levels, more randomized events to give the game more extended playability and I'm finishing up on a few more new things that I haven't announced yet. The game is nearing it's completion. If you haven't already, please check out the Facebook page.

    You can see the trailer running fps at

    Adventures of DaKoo Trailer

    New Format trailer (available in 720p)

    Watch on youtube


    Visit DaKoo on Twitter

    Adventures of DaKoo on Steam Greenlight. Please check it out...

    Link to Steam Greenlight

    Facebook link

    Please feel free to comment and critique, they would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for watching

  • Looks good

    The spinning seems a bit over the top though

    Take a look at Donkey Kong Country, Strider, and Contra they all have characters that flip and spin around without looking too crazy while doing it. I think you need a normal falling animation at least for when the player walks off an edge.

  • Thanks for the suggestion:) I tool your advice and reworked the jump and fall, along with the landing. the set looks a lot more fluid now, will post an updated video once all the frames have the final detail added.

    Any other critiques are welcome <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Here is an updated trailer with the new jump animations( added to my first post above). Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  • I think you should work the scroll system to make it smoother, try to use lerp.

  • I really love those graphics.

    The flipping, however, makes my head hurt badly.

    It could be a huge selling point, however.

    Imagine the commercials "Forget about Dark Soul's! Here's a real man's game! The Adventures of DaKoo! How many times can you flip before you have to dip?" ;)

  • cesisco

    Thanks for pointing it out, I really didn't see it til you mentioned it. I hhave changed it now, the scrolling is a lot smoother. Thanks for the suggestion:)


    lol, I wish. I personally like the spinning but will take another look to minimize the "head hurting" effect;) thanks for the pointing it out:)

    With the new animations he now tucks his knees before spinning and does the reverse when landing on things like enemies and alike. Hopefully this will calm it down just enough while not loosing the spin I like so much.

    I'm finishing the enemy art now, after it's done I will post a new vid.

  • New trailer now available and the game has been added to Steam Greenlight. Links and Trailer in the original post.

  • Not to be rude but this game is not ready for greenlight

    You'll get a lot of bad feedback

  • Glad to hear you replaced the flipping. I would suggest you making the multiplier points much MUCH smaller. Right now they're so big they seem really distracting. Let the player see the points but don't make them so big :)

    Keep up the great work and I Wish u the best with your game

  • Whiteclaws

    your not being rude but it would help if you could elaborate more.


    Thanks for the suggestion, it's being done right now;)


    Please feel free to rip it apart. I will do my best to address all of the suggestions I get. I really appreciate the feedback.

  • I love the graphics, but if it had just a bit more consistency it would look way better, colors are good but don't show depth, and the line art lines is one of the things which needs more consistency. The glows I see on certain objects look like errors too.

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  • It's awesome you made this, it is to be celebrated. I've a couple of first impressions:

    The visuals are trying to be too complex, to really pull off this style at this level of detail I think you'll need some really good artists. Maybe try for your next game to find a more simple, pleasing style which can look pro even though the level of detail is less. A recent game to do this well is Thomas Was Alone which you can find on Steam.

    It looks like a Mario clone, there's so many of these. I'm making a platformer and I'm trying to be as far away from Mario as possible just to force myself so find interesting design solutions to gameplay. I've spent a lot of time looking at Knytt Stories, Sound Shapes, Stealth Bastard and a whole bunch of others to find a new language for platformer design which is more contempoary than what we had in the 8 / 16 bit era.

  • I think it looks great!! It has a nice arcade feel to it. The videos look great as well. You did a good job on this. Keep up the good work, I think the art and sounds fit well together.

  • Thanks for the feed back guys.


    I am working towards a higher level of consistency in regards to the line art and depth. chain of jump animations is already in. I'm adjusting them now.

    I'm sure you'll be successful, and thanks for your insight. Personally I wanted to make a game that was simple, familiar and fun to introduce the character and expand from there.

    As for the similarity to Mario, I'm not copying mario but there is definitely a bit of an "Ode to"mixed in intentionally. With Mario not being on Steam, why not have an alternative.


    Thank you, glad to read you like what you see.

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