Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon Greenlit on Steam!!

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  • I've gotten a lot of feed back on Steam. Changes have been made accordingly and I wanted to get some feedback towards the new trailer/animations. The spin is gone and a fully animated flip is used to replace it. Let me know what you think:)

    And Please head over to steam and vote. address and trailer are listed in the original post.

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  • this game looks good. When can we play?

  • Thanks linkaevolution. Sorry there isn't a set date yet but I have started a facebook page for the game, for those that are interested and I will post updates here as well.

  • Cool game,,, maybe improvement sound and image relationship... But the game idea is Amazing!!

  • Thanks tchem.

    As for sound I might be out sourcing to a Studio with AAA title experience, no word yet but they reached out to me so there is potential:)

    The game is constantly evolving, I have jsut finished adding the flying animations, and the Actual entire set will be given a once over once all the anims are final.

    The game is still in development and updates have been added to Steam and IndieDB/ModDB

    My first project is also available there but it is a COD5 expansion pack. For those that play, it's called NAMWAW...

  • Hey all, I've posted a new trailer, just check the first post of this thread. Nearly all of the art has been redone. the game it self has been optimized. Memory usage has been cut to about a third of what was used in the old version. I would really like to get some feedback. Thanks for checking it out

    New Format trailer (available in 720p)


    Watch on Youtube

  • Nice job MelVin!!!!

    There's just 2 things that disturb me :

    -The hero never blink his eyes. Try to add in the idle and walk anim some blinks if you can(every 2 or 3 sec for example). It will help to give him more 'life'.

    -The "bonus" sound is much more too present. You can hear it when you jump on the head of an enemy, when you jump on blocks or machines, or when you hit a bonus block. Well each time you gain score I presume. That sound finally become quite annoying to me.

    You should adapt the sounds with the 'actions' of the hero and not with the bonus score. So when you jump on the head of an enemy, the sound should be related to that enemy (or the enemis in general). When you jump on the machine, I expect a sound related to that heavy metal box....etc.

    Just keep the bonus sound when you hit....a bonus! :)

    (the score info texts are sufficient to show the player he's gaining points)

    I don't know if the sound part is quite finished but if it is the case, you should add a lot more ! (walk sound, jump sound, water sound, flying sound, dash sound...Etc). It's very important to add consistancy to a world.

    Of course that's just my opinion. ^^

    The spinning animation is much better than the first version. And the music is very good.

    Anyway keep up the very good work and good luck with steam!!!

  • The game is looking better and better. I like the new backgrounds and how they don't take much away from the foreground elements.

  • NotionGames

    Thanks, been working on the backgrounds for sometime, gald to see it's paying off.


    I had always planned to do more with the sound but after reading your suggestion I see how much it's lacking. The first things on the list for change are sound and the run, and idle anims. Thanks for the suggestions and insight.

    If anyone else has a suggestion or comment plz post, all are welcome so don't be shy;)


  • Hey again, wanted to through up the new title image for DaKoo,

    Please let me know what you think, Just click on the pic to enlarge ...

    I have also added blinking and re worked some of the animations like flying etc. Sounds are now different, though I am still working on them, the difference is quite profound when compared to the trailer on the front page.

    The art has also had one final overhaul to improve on depth and consistency.

    The one problem I am having is the trailer. It's running at 30 fps when all animations are at 60 fps(makes for very smooth animations but not so smooth trailer). If anyone knows how to host a video fps on YouTube or equivalent site please let me know as I have tried everything I can find and nothing is working.

    Thanks everyone for checking it out   <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • This new trailer makes for a really nice improvement over the earlier versions of the game! Great job reworking it! Is the music final, placeholder, or stuff you've made?

  • C-7

    Thanks for the kind words. The music is just placeholder, currently I have not finalized the music part of the game. Still looking so to speak.

  • UPDATED July 2, 2014

    Hey all

    I've just finished the new trailer for Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon, and there are a lots of changes.

    I really wanted to get as much feed back as possible so I've also posted the a YouTube link bellow(sorry embedded videos are no longer working), but it only runs so I suggest using the homepage listed above. Some of the changes include, art work has been reworked one last time, sounds have been added for things like water, footsteps, Factory impacts and so on. More levels ( over 100) and Gravity based Vortex levels. I'm finalizing bosses atm but the game is nearing it's completion. If you haven't already please cast your vote on steam and check out the Facebook page.

    You can see the trailer running fps at

    Adventures of DaKoo Homepage Watch 60fps

    New Format trailer (available in 720p)

    Watch on youtube

    Adventures of DaKoo on Steam Greenlight. Please check it out...

    Link to Steam Greenlight

    Facebook link

    Please feel free to comment and critique, they would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance for watching

  • That's probably the best looking game I've seen so far from c2. Very good looking

    However if you don't mind the critique, I think the walk cycle needs a little work. The character doesn't look connected to the ground, his limbs don't look like they match his movement. Ideally you want the number of pixels he moves to match the number of pixels in his stride. At the moment he looks a bit like an animated character floating along the ground rather than actually walking across it.

    That said, I LOVE the backgrounds.

    It kinda reminds me of Chuck Rock on the Amiga

    Also, the look and feel of the website let's it down a little. The game looks superb, but the website doesn't really match the quality.

    I really hope you don't take this criticism to badly because overall I think you are doing an absolutely superb job. Makes a very welcome change from all the "pixel art" (I hate that phrase) projects that the whole indie community seems to favour.

  • revvin

    Thanks, this is my first game so I have made a ton of mistakes. I will definitely look over the walk anim. I really love all the critiques, DaKoo would still be tiled art if not for the opinions in this thread. I just hope all that commented can see how much their suggestions have helped! Thanks for your criticism, they are much appreciated as well!

    The backgrounds came about after Tom posted his blog post. I have always loved rayman, and Don Bluth animation, so after his blog post I re did everything, no more tiles. I now use a collage of images to make the layouts:) and this has cut the memory usage down to one third. Only drawbacks are the time it takes for each one:)

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