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  • Fellow Construct enthusiasts, we have determined what our projected release schedule is and are working furiously to be able to stick to it.

    Brood will be released as follows:

    2 Jan 2015 - Open alpha on web browser, some features limited, most gameplay mechanics implemented, missions and achievements not implemented. Should be available until or even well after release on mobile.

    15 Jan 2015 - Selective Beta, mostly feature complete. We would like people that are really interested to request access, and we will provide them links to the game on web, or installer for android. We ask that those who wish to help us beta test make use of the Facebook integration we want in the game for achievements and sharing "Breeds"

    1 Feb 2015 - Release on Play store if possible

    Game features include:

    Completely free to play. Ad free as well - hopefully, we hate ads. (Considered monetization by optional coin purchases)

    Over 443 thousand possible visual combinations of creatures (Calculated from current number of assets)

    Breed new monsters by mating two monsters, whose genes will carry on to the next generation.

    Mutate and manipulate genes to create brand new breeds

    Feed and keep your monsters happy using items bought in the shop.

    Make coin by selling "Pure-Bred" monsters, or completing requests for specific monsters.

    5 different "Biomes" to unlock and play in

    Monsters act organically, roaming around and falling into water, and sometimes getting into fights.

    Achievements to unlock and brag about

    Sharing your unique breeds on Facebook/twitter or whatever social media we can integrate

    Possible future feature could be Trading your monsters with friends.

    Please follow this topic so you can get the links as soon as we publish for testing

    PM Po10c to request Beta access, or pre-alpha if you are experienced with game publishing and advice. Thank you all!

  • The Purple looks nice.

    What type of game you are making?

  • Hey, thanks for your response, the game is like before pre-alpha at this stage, hopefully soon we will have some game play to show. The idea is basically that you mate monsters with monsters to make new monsters.

    That's why it's called Brood


    1. a family of birds or other young animals produced at one hatching or birth.

    "a brood of chicks"

    synonyms: offspring, young, progeny, spawn; More informal a large family of children.

    "she was brought up as part of a brood of eight"

    synonyms: family, household, ménage, clan, tribe;


    (of a bird) sit on (eggs) to hatch them.

    "the male pheasant-tailed jacana takes over once the eggs are laid and broods them"

    synonyms: incubate, cover, hatch, sit on

    "the male takes over once the eggs are laid and broods them"

    (of a fish, frog, or invertebrate) hold (developing eggs) within the body.


    adjective: brood

    (of an animal) kept to be used for breeding.

    "a brood mare"

    Interesting side note:

    It also means bread in my language LOLZ

  • Looks great!

    En ik lust ook wel een brood

  • So this is what I did today.

    I made an egg hatch Lol. Not sure about the flashes after the egg hatches still thinking about what to do there.

  • Po10c

    I have sent you a message via skype. I do not have enough rep to PM you back.

  • Sandybee I did not recieve a skype

  • Oki so today we got a lot done regarding the toons. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have some UI going on!

  • OKi so today we did first draft of the UI, suspect there will be still be lots of changes. The bottom images are still being constructed got some placeholders in there . Also not 100% happy with some of the UI elements will see how it goes.

    At the moment there are 9000 monsters you can make . We'll be adding a few more in the next couple of days.

  • The game has a cartoon-stylized look to it that is really appealing -- kind of like the show Ren and Stimpy in a way. Cool!

  • flatness

    Thank you! Yes the idea is cartoony.

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  • We have made quite a bit of progress AI is in. But the game is still very raw, here is the very first screeny, with some of the graphic elements in. Hopefully soon we will have the Alpha ready.

  • Gosh the game has actually evolved so much since we started with it.

    Finished off a mountain of toon bodies today, think we have about 10 000 combinations now. Thankfully it looks like all the toon art will be done tomorrow or tonight.

    So here is the newly updated logo. Will possibly change and morph as the game takes more shape also. Just wanted to see what it will look like with the new bodies in.

  • REALLY cool logo! Keep up the great work!

  • flatness

    Thank you! By the way congrats on your 500 Rep! You zoomed up to there.

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