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  • OKi so here is what what went down today. Finished the shop design. Hopefully tomorrow it's the backgrounds. It looks like most of the Icons and such are done also.

    Mmm wondering if the shop is to busy?

    Maybe I should tone it down more?

  • Today we worked on the lab where you cook up new monsters, here is the rough layout design.

  • Can we have playable link to the game ?

  • But as I can see from screenshots graphics are cute!

  • Thank you

    It's not quite playable yet, but when the alpha is ready we will post. The game seems to have developed a mind of it's own the more we do, the more it wants us to do!

  • Sandybee I know the feeling the game needing "attention"

  • Hi guys, I'm currently working with Sandybee on this project, and I would just like to state that we only actually started working on this in earnest a few days ago.

    Although Sandy is pumping art out furiously, this is a game of quite a bit of complexity with composite objects galore and genetics involved.

    Currently I am busy with the hardcore "coding" stuff, so that there is something playable when we connect the various parts of the game together, and not just an empty shell with a lot of art.

    We are currently at 111 events and 100 objects, and it seems that amount is going to more or less double over the next few days

    So just be patient a bit, we'll probably upload something soon, depending on how much family time we have to endure

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  • Po10c will you post some more interesting parts of "coding" stuff ? Are you going to use javascript sdk ?

  • bono

    I am only using vanilla construct features to build the game, will see if I need some sort of plugin if I hit a snag, but I don't believe that will be the case.

    For a game of this type, it's mostly data manupulation, and getting the correct values transferred.




  • [attachment=1:3h3yk5h9][/attachment:3h3yk5h9]


    These codes are not complete, some don't even work quite right at the moment, but they are the basis of what gets the game running.

    Hope I didn't post to much coding stuff, hopefully someone likes it:)

  • Po10c I liked it

    take a look at my work in progress scirra.com/forum/viewtopic.php

  • OKi so here is what went down today. Looks like the UI is sorted now. the first 2 layout backgrounds have been put to bed. So I'd say we are pretty darn close to a playable Alpha. Can't wait.

    Here is the UI on a a layout. Active and un-active states. Any suggestions on how we can make this better is always welcome!

  • Fellow Construct enthusiasts, we have determined what our projected release schedule is and are working furiously to be able to stick to it.

    Brood will be released as follows:

    2 Jan 2015 - Open alpha on web browser, some features limited, most gameplay mechanics implemented, missions and achievements not implemented. Should be available until or even well after release on mobile.

    15 Jan 2015 - Selective Beta, mostly feature complete. We would like people that are really interested to request access, and we will provide them links to the game on web, or installer for android. We ask that those who wish to help us beta test make use of the Facebook integration we want in the game for achievements and sharing "Breeds"

    1 Feb 2015 - Release on Play store if possible

    Game features include:

    • Completely free to play. Ad free as well - hopefully, we hate ads. (Considered monetization by optional coin purchases)
    • Over 443 thousand possible visual combinations of creatures (Calculated from current number of assets)
    • Breed new monsters by mating two monsters, whose genes will carry on to the next generation.
    • Mutate and manipulate genes to create brand new breeds
    • Feed and keep your monsters happy using items bought in the shop.
    • Make coin by selling "Pure-Bred" monsters, or completing requests for specific monsters.
    • 5 different "Biomes" to unlock and play in
    • Monsters act organically, roaming around and falling into water, and sometimes getting into fights.
    • Achievements to unlock and brag about
    • Sharing your unique breeds on Facebook/twitter or whatever social media we can integrate

    Possible future feature could be Trading your monsters with friends.

    Please follow this topic so you can get the links as soon as we publish for testing

    PM me Po10c to request Beta access, or pre-alpha if you feel you can give us real constructive criticism and advice, and would like access to the Beta version of the actual app. Entering Beta will give you access to loads of coin for free, and we will also award good beta testers with coin in the release version. Thank you all!

  • Today we put the test site up, ready for the Alpha . Also I worked a bit on the story not sure if we are going to have that on the alpha. But here is Dr Mobstein, the main narrator. Looks like there is going to a video also, but we will see if we can get it out with the Alpha.

    My main concern right now is the sound. So once all the final little bits and bobs are ready for the Alpha. I will be me making weird noises on my phone, my poor neighbours!

  • I updated our request for Beta testers, and would really like for people to give me a buzz. Also, Alpha test date has been moved to 2 Jan for hangover reasons

    The next few posts, I want to go into detail on some of the features posted earlier and go over some design decisions we have made along the way.

    First, monetization. We don't expect any major bucks from this game, but we feel it does deserve the chance to shine. We really hope to generate enough to help Sandy get a construct license. We decided on a very easygoing free to play model, that will allow players to access everything the game has to offer while not paying a cent. Players that really like the game and want to progress faster can buy coins, the only currency used in the game.

    Coins are earned by selling monsters, and get multipliers for specific things like similar colors of features. Basically "pure bred" are worth way more than random colored and textured monsters.

    Certain high level items and end game genes or eggs will cost a lot of coin, but skilled and dedicated players should have no problem making enough to keep them entertained with new gene varieties without shelling out for coins. We really want this to be a fair free to play game by not extorting players to continue playing like most other f2p models. We take inspiration from Hill Climb Racing, a very successfully monetized game, that I myself am a big fan of.

    In addition, we want to make coin purchases very affordable in the sense that a player who pays what would have been enough for a full market price game would indeed get enough coin to validate that purchase, and not keep milking players.

    Thanks for reading what turned out to be a rant on monetization. And I realize I am taking a very idealized view, but as a first commercial publish I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

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