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  • I would like to test

  • Thank you bono, we will send you a pm with the login details on the 2nd

  • Here is another design/feature explanation for you guys

    We decided early on to use composite objects to make up the monsters in the game. This makes the game extremely scalable, as after the first batch of "parts" were completed there were 9000+ possible combinations, and after the latest batch we have over 430 000!

    We will have to see how visually distinct these monsters would be if you compare a few hundred, but hopefully the art style will properly set these monsters apart from each other due to the high level of detail each contains. Now, the fact that we have so many combinations available and that the variations can be controlled by the player allows us to drive gameplay using a mission system that requests certain features in the monsters to complete for a coin or item reward.

    This is an emergent property we found in the game and intend to utilize to its fullest. We end up with a cycle of ever increasing complexity, which negates the need for a "difficulty curve" as the player controls the complexity. Failing to preserve genes will result in less complexity, and adding to the gene pool buy purchasing genes/eggs in the shop will increase complexity. The player will also be able to select from a set of tasks to accept ranging in difficulty.

    This is still theoretical data and we will be able to determine how complex to make the tasks and balance the game once we've had a good round of beta testing.

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  • Looks great guys, keep up the good work.

  • GenkiGenga Thank you!

  • We have started the first round of Alpha testing, the game is still very raw, but the magic has started happening. We have decided not to post the Alpha here until we have done at least two sets of test on the basic game play.

    Here is some screenshots of what we have been up to. Started off with 4 mobs. Some traits are dominant so the trick is to find the traits that are not, and then to breed extra special and rare mobs. The mobs can get hungry, attack each other, breed, lay eggs, they have sexes and can be moved from one layout to another. You can also tamper with their genetics.

    We plan to make them swim when they fall in the water and other fun stuff later on.

  • Looking nice and stylized! It's a really good genre to put out too.

    Really curious on how the music and the monsters are going to sound like.

    Keep developing, this has tons of potential!

  • Thank you kraed you have no idea how much your comment is valued!

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