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  • I - NEED - TO - TEST - THIS


    srsly is there a demo for me to test ?

  • burningcake Thanks for the enthusiasm!

    I'm working on the demo right now. The demo will consist of the entire first level and will be free/PWYW. I'll update the first post of this thread when it's set. I'm hoping for the beginning of October.

  • Keycard + door system, jump-thru platforms, insta-kill gear, and life battery w/ particles.

    Just a few bugs to tweak and then I start level layout. Most of it is sketches out but I imagine it will go quickly. Plus I'm a graphic designer by trade, so laying out art on grid sounds like a dream to me Once that is set, I need to do enemy art and then sounds. Still a chunk of work, but the work that is left is stuff I've done before (music and art) so it should go quickly!

  • Quick video of enemy particle explosion.

    Tried my hand at enemy particle explosions. It's about 70% there? I think I still need a animation underneath to kind of 'anchor' the whole event. For demo purposes, this is good enough!

  • it looks interesting! I'd like to test it if there is a link..

  • dheart88 Thanks!

    No demo yet, but soon! Starting level layout any day now.

  • Level 1 - Screen 2

    All my collision / enemy / obstacle objects are hidden. Straight up tiles! Single pixel lines are from being zoomed out. They go away when zoomed in.

    Toying with the idea of making prints of my tilemaps. I <3 <3 <3 tilemaps.

  • Level 1 - Screen 4 (unfinished)

    What's left, bc?

    • One more level screen
    • 3 more scripted dialogue scenes
    • Enemy and boss art
    • Title Screen
    • Game Over screen
  • Oh man, I'm dying to play a demo of this! I like the fast and snappy movement of that character!

  • I second immortalx 's comment above.

    The level design in the last couple of screenshots have me sold.

  • immortalx and byondisoft Ah thanks guys! Really appreciate the kind words

    I just established a deadline (will be publicly showing the demo) and I would like it to be finished by then! Looking at the 3rd week of November right now. I'm working on this in my free time, so the pace isn't super quick. This is on top of normal human adult stuff (full-time job, playing in a band, at the gym multiple times a week, running a game dev meetup, shopping for a house).

    What's left, bc? (pt. 2)

    • This week: finish last 2 screens of level design
    • 2nd week: finish scripted events and dialogue
    • 3rd week: pause, title, and game over screen
    • 4th week: 1/2 of enemy art
    • 5th week: remaining 1/2 of enemy art
    • 6th week: music and sfx
    • 7th week: bugs

    This is only a demo, so I'm not terribly worried about it being perfect. There are a lot of things I already want to add/redo, but I'd rather put something out than spend forever working on it.

  • Level 1 - Screen 5

    This is the last screen before the boss fight.

    All screens are laid out, enemies in place, and tiles set. This week I'm finishing up all dialogue conversations and (hopefully) making a snappy title intro. I also started sketching up enemy designs to get ahead.

    Planning out my weeks has been very helpful. Between that and my Trello board, I'm making good time.

    What's left, bc?

    • This week: Last bits of dialogue and title intro
    • 2nd week: pause, title, and game over screen
    • 3rd week: 1/2 of enemy art
    • 5th week: remaining 1/2 of enemy art
    • 5th week: music and sfx
    • 6th week: bugs
  • The game looks pretty neat! Something that didn't come exactly clear for me from this.. What is the quick synopsis of the game? In the dialogue in the beginning of the thread, a Malfunction?? was introduced. Just interested of hearing the stories in games

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  • Thanks for the kind words!

    As far as a story synopsis goes: you start the game waking up/activating and realizing that you shouldn't be functioning yet. So you set out to find someone who can fix this.

    As the game progresses, it does the common "stepping in to a much larger world" thing where you realize there is more going on than you "accidentally" activating. I'll leave it at that and not spoil the rest

  • Sounds fair enough I look forward to seeing the final product eventually! Let' s see you were planning platforms..? PC, mobile?

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